February 29th – March 4th

Intro to Business: Communication and Presentation Skills – Monday: Handout on Hard and Soft Job Skills, Finish your Presentation. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will present our PowerPoints/PREZIs to our peers. Remember to dress for success on these days! ¬†On Thursday, we will talk about Vision and Mission Statements (both personal and Business). You will explore and write your own personal vision statement. Then, you will begin developing a vision and mission statement for your restaurant business. On Friday, we will discuss organizational charts……… Purpose? Hierarchy? Flat, Tall? (Notes and Discussion). We will complete the SMARTART Lesson on gcflearnfree.org and create several organizational charts for practice. We will also have our Journal Prompts for the week as well as continued work on GMETRIX as we prepare for MOS Certification!

SAT Prep: Factors to consider when choosing a college – How do you plan for what you want in college? – Completing a college inquiry – Declaring yourself Undeclared – GACOllege411 (you need an account set up if you do not already have one) – College Exploration Project (counts as a summative grade) – The importance of volunteer work and extracurricular activities on your college application – Autobiography parts 1 & 2 will be due on Monday, March 7th.

Intro to Digital Technology: Microsoft Digital Literacy (you should test out of module 3 Productivity Programs by Friday of this week). Monday we will complete Activity 2 and Lessons 5 & 6 for Intel’s The Journey Inside Handout and we will talk about more internal components of the system unit. We will continue to “build” our simulated shoebox computer. On Tuesday, discussion on the front and back panels of our desktops (ports/connectors/power buttons). Wednesday we will discuss and take notes on microprocessors, RAM and ROM. Thursday and Friday will be spent completing our graphic organizers and finishing up our simulated computers. IT vocabulary covering F and G this week. IT Vocabulary test will be Wednesday, March 9th (go ahead and begin reviewing your vocabulary words).

February 22nd – February 26th

Intro to Business: Time Management, Communication Skills (Body Language, Verbal and Written), Presentation Skills, PowerPoint Presentations, GMETRIX, Journal Prompts

SAT Prep: College and Career Plans, KWL Chart, Reach and Reality Colleges, Breakdown of Degree Programs and Programs of Study, Career Cruising, SMART Goals

Digital Technology: Emerging Technology Projects will be presented on Tuesday, IT Vocabulary E and F, Hardware Components, How Computers Get Input and Store Information, Classification of Components, Shoebox Simulated Computer