March 7th – March 11th

Intro to Business – STUDENTS, it is extremely important that you complete your GMETRIX practice for MOS Certification. You will not be able to sit for the MOS exams until you have completed, submitted and passed ALL GMETRIX training and testing. Please check the poster for your status………………….. ┬áThis week, we will be covering vision and mission statements as well as organizational charts for businesses. You will have a summative assessment on Thursday that covers the following: ┬áTime Management, Business Letter formatting, Communication Skills, Creating Tables in Word, Design Principles for Presentations, Public Speaking, Vision/Mission Statements and Organizational Charts.

SAT Prep – Week 3 of a 6 week rotation: College Exploration Project due Monday, March 7th, Extracurricular Activities and Volunteer Work, Autobiography Parts 1 & 2 Due Monday, March 7th, College Mapper, Cleaning up your Online Status, Personal Mission Statements, Universal College Applications, College Resume and College Reference Sheet

Intro to Technology – Simulated Computer Shoeboxes due on Monday, March 7th, Microprocessors, Types of Computers, What is a MAC? Purchasing a Computer, Operating Systems and Application Software, IT Vocabulary Words G & H, Intro to writing Binary Code….. Summative Assessment on Tuesday, March 15th.