March 14th – March 18th

Intro to Business:  Business Concepts (lecture, discussion and notes), Finish up your tables from last week and turn in. Tuesday – Forms of Business ownership (graphic organizer completion and student examples), Journal Prompts for the week, Franchises and Corporations – Our summative assessment will be on Friday after a thorough review on Thursday, GMETRIX (should finish up 2nd section for formative grade by Friday), MOS Word Lessons.

SAT Prep: ***THERE IS A COLLEGE QUEST TONIGHT AT HHS*** – Great opportunity for you to speak with some schools about the admission process. Finish our Resumes to include our mission statements, Essays for application, What to do if you are waitlisted, Programs of Study, requesting information from colleges.

Intro to Digital Technology – Review for summative assessment on Tuesday that will cover Hardware and Software Concepts as well as all IT vocabulary A – H words. STUDY STUDY STUDY – We will begin binary coding on Tuesday right after the assessment. Binary, Decimal and Hexadecimal graphic organizer this week. By Friday, YOU WILL BE WRITING AND UNDERSTANDING BINARY CODE! Woohoo! First step to programming!