August 1, 2016

Welcome Back!

Guess what? You made a good choice! Business and Technology is a class that will benefit you in so many ways…… no matter your choice of college major or career field.  70% of high school students say they want to own their own business and 73% of new jobs in the next five years will require technology skills. 91% of hiring managers consider employee certification as a criterion for hiring! You are going to leave my class with Microsoft Certification! Just this week alone, we will cover:

Employability Skills – How to get and keep a job!

Communication Skills (Verbal and Written) – You will use these skills for the rest of your life……….. trust me!

Teamwork – Sometimes you will really like the people you work with, sometimes not so much. But you can still function as a positive teammate no matter the circumstances. I am going to show you how………….

Lastly, and most importantly, I will discuss with you the CERTIFICATIONS that you will receive by taking this class.


I am happy that you are here. Looking forward to working with you and for you to help you accomplish big things.