August 29th – September 2nd


Still taking FBLA membership applications through this Friday, September 2, 2016! $20 application fee pays for your state and national dues and gets you a t-shirt!

GMETRIX is up and running! We have begun our training for Microsoft Certification!

Monday: Challenge Activity #2 due today. Goal setting worksheet completed in class – Journal Entry #5 – Print and turn in all journal entries today (#1-#5) for a formative grade – Groups of 4 will make themselves a time budget chart – Core Project One Training (GMETRIX) is due on Friday. Use your time wisely – If you have five minutes extra in class, you should be on a training module.

Tuesday: Challenge Activity #3: Complete Icon Name and Function for Microsoft Word Handout (Please request from me). – Due Friday. We will watch a video on PROCRASTINATION today – Time is Money, How do you Spend Both? – Are you a perfectionist? A doer? A Time Manager? A procrastinator?  – Time Management PowerPoint and Guided Notes – The Importance of Time Management in your Life Dictates the Quality of It……………. – Core Project Training (GMETRIX) is due on Friday.

Wednesday: Bellringer: Ribbon Location Scavenger Hunt – Unit One Assessment Review Today – YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!!!!!

Thursday: Unit One Assessment – Any extra time will be used for GMETRIX

Friday:  Challenge Activity #3: Due today. We will be working on our Restaurant Simulation today: Help Wanted Ad so that we can “staff” our restaurant. GMETRIX Core Project One Training is due today.

PREVIEW: Unit 2: Leadership, Motivation, Vision and Mission Statements, Communication Skills, Organizational Charts, Presentations and Public Speaking

August 22 – 26

FBLA Membership Applications are ready – $20 pays for local, state and national dues and you will receive a t-shirt!


Challenge Activity #2:

Find a member of a team here at Harrison (sports team, theater, band, chorus, etc.) and interview them. Ask them the questions from the handout (I will provide you in class) and record their names, time of interview and answers to the five questions about TEAMWORK. 

Monday –  TEAMWORK  Challenge Activity #1 Due Today, Synergy: What is it?, Remember the TEAMWORK posters you created in your groups last week? Let’s practice our presentation skills and present to the class, Team effort activities (FUN!), Employability Project Packs are due today  (Summative) – You will print and turn in your job application, cover letter, resume and reference sheets, TEAMWORK vocabulary tables are due on Friday. When you have extra time in class, you should be working on them.

Tuesday – TEAMWORK  Bellringer: Teamwork Vocab Table, Finish LOGOS today for our Restaurant Simulation, Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development: Forming, Norming, Storming and Performing – We will create a graphic organizer for the 4 stages – Have you ever seen Remember the Titans? It is a great movie and a great example of a team that went through Tuckman’s 4 Stages of Group Development. I am going to show you some excerpts as examples of the stages.

Wednesday – GOALS  Bellringer: Teamwork Vocab Table, Journal Entry #4, SMART Goals – What are they? Notes and Lecture. Create a graphic organizer for your goals using S-M-A-R-T, Goal Setting Worksheet, S- Specific, M-Measurable, A-Attainable, R-Realistic, T-Timely

Thursday – TIME MANAGEMENT  Bellringer: Journal Entry #5 regarding time management, YouTube Videos on Procrastination, Ribbon of Life (How do you spend the seconds of your day?), Have To’s and Want To’s – Chart for Time Budget – Handouts on Time Management

Friday – TIME MANAGEMENT   Teamwork Vocab Table Due Today  (Formative)  – Money Management PowerPoint Time Management PP with Guided Notes – Help Wanted Ad for our Restaurants

August 15th – August 19th

FBLA Membership Applications are ready – $20 pays for local, state and national dues and you will receive a t-shirt!


Should you choose to accept my challenge, and successfully complete all 3 challenge activities over the next three weeks, you will earn a bonus +5 points on your Unit 1 Assessment (week of August 29th).

Challenge #1: Poster Activity – Using magazines/newspapers, create a small poster (I will provide the poster material) that represents appropriate dress in the workplace. Poster should show 3 – 5 examples of appropriate dress/grooming/hygiene in a business casual environment. You should have a professional title for your poster as well as a typed paragraph with key points (bullets) for addressing your employees about appropriate/inappropriate dress in a business environment.  DUE ON MONDAY, AUGUST 22nd

Monday – Seating arrangement changes – I will return graded papers with explanations for grading process – Finding mistakes in a job application – Complete you own job application – Attitude Quotes

Tuesday – We will complete a Letter of Application and a Career Resume – Employability Skills Scenarios – Telephone Confidentiality – Attitude Quotes

Wednesday – Diversity in the Workplace – PowerPoint DIVERSITY  and Notes – The “Laws” that protect us against discrimination in the workplace – Professional Image in the Workplace  – Attitude Quotes

Thursday – Journal Entry #3: Teamwork – Advantages and Disadvantages to working on a team  – You will be assigned a “teamwork” word  to create a mini poster and business scenario for the word – Remember the Titans excerpt.

Friday – Synergy – Logos for your restaurant

Week of August 8th – 12th

Telephone Techniques and Etiquette

Welcome back to Week #2! Don’t forget that you have homework due on Wednesday (references).

Hoya Block: You will choose your Hoya Block this week – Choose wisely! Remember that I have a Microsoft Certification Hoya Block that will give you extra time to work on your certifications!

Monday: Employability Skills/Attitude: We will watch excerpts from the movie “Rudy” – It’s all about having a good attitude! Trust me, it will make a world of difference in your daily life. Each of you will research and find a quote online that references a winning attitude. SMART ART Lessons – Microsoft Word

Tuesday: Manners/Telephone Etiquette: Increasing your self awareness – FBLA – What is it? Why should you be a part of it? Go ahead and check us out! Georgia FBLA

Wednesday: SmartArt – Power of Positive  Attitude – * Your references are due today*

Thursday: Do you need a job? Yes? Job applications, resumes next Monday. Telephone Techniques and Etiquette. Proper Handshakes and Eye Contact – Body Language

Friday: Job Skills Lessons on Communication and  lessons on Indents/Tabs/Line and Paragraph Spacing/Lists

LOOK FOR IT! Next week, we will begin Challenge Activities to STIMULATE your thinking skills in the business world. If all challenges are met at the end of the first six week period, you will receive 5 bonus points on your Unit 1 Assessment!