Week of August 8th – 12th

Telephone Techniques and Etiquette

Welcome back to Week #2! Don’t forget that you have homework due on Wednesday (references).

Hoya Block: You will choose your Hoya Block this week – Choose wisely! Remember that I have a Microsoft Certification Hoya Block that will give you extra time to work on your certifications!

Monday: Employability Skills/Attitude: We will watch excerpts from the movie “Rudy” – It’s all about having a good attitude! Trust me, it will make a world of difference in your daily life. Each of you will research and find a quote online that references a winning attitude. SMART ART Lessons – Microsoft Word

Tuesday: Manners/Telephone Etiquette: Increasing your self awareness – FBLA – What is it? Why should you be a part of it? Go ahead and check us out! Georgia FBLA

Wednesday: SmartArt – Power of Positive  Attitude – * Your references are due today*

Thursday: Do you need a job? Yes? Job applications, resumes next Monday. Telephone Techniques and Etiquette. Proper Handshakes and Eye Contact – Body Language

Friday: Job Skills Lessons on Communication and  lessons on Indents/Tabs/Line and Paragraph Spacing/Lists

LOOK FOR IT! Next week, we will begin Challenge Activities to STIMULATE your thinking skills in the business world. If all challenges are met at the end of the first six week period, you will receive 5 bonus points on your Unit 1 Assessment!