August 15th – August 19th

FBLA Membership Applications are ready – $20 pays for local, state and national dues and you will receive a t-shirt!


Should you choose to accept my challenge, and successfully complete all 3 challenge activities over the next three weeks, you will earn a bonus +5 points on your Unit 1 Assessment (week of August 29th).

Challenge #1: Poster Activity – Using magazines/newspapers, create a small poster (I will provide the poster material) that represents appropriate dress in the workplace. Poster should show 3 – 5 examples of appropriate dress/grooming/hygiene in a business casual environment. You should have a professional title for your poster as well as a typed paragraph with key points (bullets) for addressing your employees about appropriate/inappropriate dress in a business environment.  DUE ON MONDAY, AUGUST 22nd

Monday – Seating arrangement changes – I will return graded papers with explanations for grading process – Finding mistakes in a job application – Complete you own job application – Attitude Quotes

Tuesday – We will complete a Letter of Application and a Career Resume – Employability Skills Scenarios – Telephone Confidentiality – Attitude Quotes

Wednesday – Diversity in the Workplace – PowerPoint DIVERSITY  and Notes – The “Laws” that protect us against discrimination in the workplace – Professional Image in the Workplace  – Attitude Quotes

Thursday – Journal Entry #3: Teamwork – Advantages and Disadvantages to working on a team  – You will be assigned a “teamwork” word  to create a mini poster and business scenario for the word – Remember the Titans excerpt.

Friday – Synergy – Logos for your restaurant