August 29th – September 2nd


Still taking FBLA membership applications through this Friday, September 2, 2016! $20 application fee pays for your state and national dues and gets you a t-shirt!

GMETRIX is up and running! We have begun our training for Microsoft Certification!

Monday: Challenge Activity #2 due today. Goal setting worksheet completed in class – Journal Entry #5 – Print and turn in all journal entries today (#1-#5) for a formative grade – Groups of 4 will make themselves a time budget chart – Core Project One Training (GMETRIX) is due on Friday. Use your time wisely – If you have five minutes extra in class, you should be on a training module.

Tuesday: Challenge Activity #3: Complete Icon Name and Function for Microsoft Word Handout (Please request from me). – Due Friday. We will watch a video on PROCRASTINATION today – Time is Money, How do you Spend Both? – Are you a perfectionist? A doer? A Time Manager? A procrastinator?  – Time Management PowerPoint and Guided Notes – The Importance of Time Management in your Life Dictates the Quality of It……………. – Core Project Training (GMETRIX) is due on Friday.

Wednesday: Bellringer: Ribbon Location Scavenger Hunt – Unit One Assessment Review Today – YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!!!!!

Thursday: Unit One Assessment – Any extra time will be used for GMETRIX

Friday:  Challenge Activity #3: Due today. We will be working on our Restaurant Simulation today: Help Wanted Ad so that we can “staff” our restaurant. GMETRIX Core Project One Training is due today.

PREVIEW: Unit 2: Leadership, Motivation, Vision and Mission Statements, Communication Skills, Organizational Charts, Presentations and Public Speaking