October 3rd – October 7th

Congratulations to:

September Students of the Month: 

1st Block – Anthony Tringali

2nd Block – Amber Skonicki

3rd Block – Majid Kadur

mos-office-2013Microsoft Certification: Core Test 1 Training, Core Test 2 Training and Core Test 3 Training are due on Wednesday, October 19th

Unit 2 Assessment on Tuesday, October 11th covers: Leadership, Motivation, Presentations/Public Speaking, Vision/Mission Statements and Business Concepts

Monday: Presentation Skills – You will use your research and storyboards to prepare your visual presentation for your verbal presentations this week. We will review Peer Evaluations Criteria. Last 30 minutes of class will be GMETRIX.

Tuesday: Vision and Mission Statements – Five Topic Presentations will be presented today, we will continue working on our Personal Vision Statements (Part Two) from before break, Business Vision Statements: General Motors, Heinz, Coca Cola and Wal-Mart

Wednesday: Business Concepts – Five Topic Presentations will be presented today, Imagine a world with no business….. what does that look like? Business Concepts PowerPoint with Guided Notes (see below), Discussion aloud, Pair/Share Activity: Where in the World? You will identify which countries our products are produced, last 30 minutes of class will be GMETRIX

Click here: Business Concepts

Thursday: Business Concepts/Organizational Structures – Five Topic Presentations will be presented today. Business Concepts Issues and Trends – You will complete the notes from my Blog, Discussion about organizational structures and we will actually set up an organizational chart for a mock company. See the video below on organizational charts (hierarchy)

Friday: Restaurant Simulation – Five Topic Presentations will be presented today. Review for assessment on Tuesday, Restaurant press release, letterhead and printing our flyers with our LOGOS inserted. GMETRIX last 30 minutes of class.




September 19th – 23rd


GMETRIX Practice Modules 1, 2 and 3 are due this Friday, September 23, 2016

Microsoft Word Extra Practice – Click http://www.gcflearnfree.org/word2013/

Good job to everyone who made a 2 minute impromptu speech last week – I know it makes some of you very nervous to speak in front of a group – Practice, practice, practice. Everytime to speak publicly, you will improve. Very proud of you!

INFORMATION ABOUT GOVERNORS HONORS PROGRAM:  http://leagueland.typepad.com/harrison_ghp/

Monday:  Verbal and Written Communications – Leadership Interview Project Due today at the beginning of class – Bellringer: Finish Restaurant Simulation Help Wanted Flyer and Memo to Employees if not already finished – Topic Presentations: You will choose one of the following: Demonstrate a skill, Address a teen issue (driving, texting, drinking, drugs, suicide, bullying), Topic you are studying in another class, Highlight a college of your choice – Using our PowerPoint presentation guidelines from last week, you are creating a PROFESSIONAL PowerPoint Presentation using a storyboard. Should be emailed to me by Wednesday of this week: I will give you written instructions in class. My email address is: sherri.johnson@cobbk12.org

Tuesday: Communication Skills – Bellringer: Journal Prompt #6, Communication Partners Activity, Communications Activity for writing emails to employees and peers, GMETRIX

Wednesday: Personal Vision Statements – Bellringer: Check out the PowerPoint below on Vision Statements. Vision Statement Activity. You will create your own personal vision and mission statements (for your life). Once you understand how to WRITE your own PERSONAL vision statement, it will help you compose a vision/mission statement for your company. Continue with Topic Presentations – Research and Storyboards are due today – GMETRIX

Personal Vision Statement

Thursday: Business Vision and Mission Statements – Let’s take a look at some Vision and Mission statements from well known companies. You will locate the vision statements for some organizations and create a vision and mission statement for your restaurants.

Vision Statement: establishes the scope and purpose of a company and reflects its values and beliefs

Mission Statement: expresses the specific aspirations of a company, the major goals it will try to reach

Friday: Entrepreneurship – Movie and Popcorn Today – I have a great movie about entrepreneurship – You have worked hard in my classroom for the last eight weeks. Enjoy the movie! Of course I will have a guided question sheet that needs to be completed as you are watching the movie 🙂  Enjoy your break. Come back ready to work on Business Concepts, Entrepreneurship, Business Ownership and Franchises.

September 12th – 16th

Congratulations to the following newly appointed officers for FBLA

School Year 2016-2017

President: Ms. Kayley Cox

Vice President: Mr. Taj Kokayi

Secretary: Ms. Lauren Silva

Treasurer: Mr. Blake Madaris

Monday: Leadership – Leadership Quotes Due Today, Leadership Project Introduction (Due Monday, September 19th), Questions answered from Thursday and Friday over Leadership Styles and Leadership Vocabulary, GMETRIX

Tuesday: Presentations/PowerPoint Guidelines –  PowerPoint Design Guidelines Two minute presentations (in front of class), PowerPoint Design Guidelines and Guided Notes, Google Slides, Prezi  (see tutorial below), Powtoon (see tutorial below), Presentation Storyboards, GMETRIX

Wednesday: Presentations/Public Speaking – What scares you the most about public speaking? Do’s and Don’ts of Public Speaking, Let’s watch a couple of YouTube Videos on Public Speaking, Interview Introductions, Restaurant Simulation Communication with Employees

Thursday: Communication Skills – Restaurant Simulation Memos, The Object of my Affection, Continue working on Restaurant Simulation Presentation

Friday: GMETRIX, Leadership Project, Restaurant Simulation Presentation

Prezi Tutorial

PowToon Tutorial

September 5th – September 9th

Congratulations to my “Students of the Month” for August:

1st Block – Morigan Murphy

2nd Block – Logan Hollomon

4th Block – Mark Pickett

If you are interested in joining FBLA, you have until Thursday of this week – Dues are $20 and include your State and National Dues and a FBLA T-shirt.

First FBLA meeting is this Wednesday at 7:45 in Room 510

We are in full swing with Microsoft Certification! Your first three (3) modules of GMETRIX are due no later than Friday, September 23rd.

Monday – Happy Labor Day! 

Tuesday – Leadership Practices – I will be assigning you a leadership quote for you to memorize by Friday.


Wednesday – Leadership and Motivation

Thursday – Leadership Styles –  Use your headphones and watch this awesome clip produced by Selena Kovach……….. great illustration of Coach Carter and his leadership style with his players.

Leadership Styles

Friday – Leadership Project and Restaurant Simulation – Leadership quote due today. We will also create a communication memo to our restaurant staff.