September 12th – 16th

Congratulations to the following newly appointed officers for FBLA

School Year 2016-2017

President: Ms. Kayley Cox

Vice President: Mr. Taj Kokayi

Secretary: Ms. Lauren Silva

Treasurer: Mr. Blake Madaris

Monday: Leadership – Leadership Quotes Due Today, Leadership Project Introduction (Due Monday, September 19th), Questions answered from Thursday and Friday over Leadership Styles and Leadership Vocabulary, GMETRIX

Tuesday: Presentations/PowerPoint Guidelines –  PowerPoint Design Guidelines Two minute presentations (in front of class), PowerPoint Design Guidelines and Guided Notes, Google Slides, Prezi  (see tutorial below), Powtoon (see tutorial below), Presentation Storyboards, GMETRIX

Wednesday: Presentations/Public Speaking – What scares you the most about public speaking? Do’s and Don’ts of Public Speaking, Let’s watch a couple of YouTube Videos on Public Speaking, Interview Introductions, Restaurant Simulation Communication with Employees

Thursday: Communication Skills – Restaurant Simulation Memos, The Object of my Affection, Continue working on Restaurant Simulation Presentation

Friday: GMETRIX, Leadership Project, Restaurant Simulation Presentation

Prezi Tutorial

PowToon Tutorial

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