September 19th – 23rd


GMETRIX Practice Modules 1, 2 and 3 are due this Friday, September 23, 2016

Microsoft Word Extra Practice – Click

Good job to everyone who made a 2 minute impromptu speech last week – I know it makes some of you very nervous to speak in front of a group – Practice, practice, practice. Everytime to speak publicly, you will improve. Very proud of you!


Monday:  Verbal and Written Communications – Leadership Interview Project Due today at the beginning of class – Bellringer: Finish Restaurant Simulation Help Wanted Flyer and Memo to Employees if not already finished – Topic Presentations: You will choose one of the following: Demonstrate a skill, Address a teen issue (driving, texting, drinking, drugs, suicide, bullying), Topic you are studying in another class, Highlight a college of your choice – Using our PowerPoint presentation guidelines from last week, you are creating a PROFESSIONAL PowerPoint Presentation using a storyboard. Should be emailed to me by Wednesday of this week: I will give you written instructions in class. My email address is:

Tuesday: Communication Skills – Bellringer: Journal Prompt #6, Communication Partners Activity, Communications Activity for writing emails to employees and peers, GMETRIX

Wednesday: Personal Vision Statements – Bellringer: Check out the PowerPoint below on Vision Statements. Vision Statement Activity. You will create your own personal vision and mission statements (for your life). Once you understand how to WRITE your own PERSONAL vision statement, it will help you compose a vision/mission statement for your company. Continue with Topic Presentations – Research and Storyboards are due today – GMETRIX

Personal Vision Statement

Thursday: Business Vision and Mission Statements – Let’s take a look at some Vision and Mission statements from well known companies. You will locate the vision statements for some organizations and create a vision and mission statement for your restaurants.

Vision Statement: establishes the scope and purpose of a company and reflects its values and beliefs

Mission Statement: expresses the specific aspirations of a company, the major goals it will try to reach

Friday: Entrepreneurship – Movie and Popcorn Today – I have a great movie about entrepreneurship – You have worked hard in my classroom for the last eight weeks. Enjoy the movie! Of course I will have a guided question sheet that needs to be completed as you are watching the movie 🙂  Enjoy your break. Come back ready to work on Business Concepts, Entrepreneurship, Business Ownership and Franchises.

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