October 10th – 14th

Your TOPIC PRESENTATIONS have been great! Thank you so much for dressing in Business Casual. You all look very professional and I appreciate your efforts!

Microsoft Certification: Core Test 1 Training, Core Test 2 Training and Core Test 3 Training are due on Wednesday, October 19th

Unit 2 Assessment on Tuesday, October 11th covers: Leadership, Motivation, Presentations/Public Speaking, Vision/Mission Statements and Business Concepts

Monday: Review for Assessment and Business Ownership – Bellringer: Journal Prompt #8, Topic Presentations (5), I will share your LOGOS with you today since they are complete – Be sure to thank Carey Ward and his classes for their creativity on our LOGOS, We will review for our assessment tomorrow and set up a Graphic Organizer to use as we begin Unit 3 and Forms of Business Ownership.

Tuesday: Unit 2 Assessment Р Covers: 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership (PP on this BLOG), Presentations and Public Speaking (PP on this BLOG), Vision and Mission Statements (notes in your folder) and Business Concepts (Guided notes in your folder and PP on BLOG) РSTUDY, STUDY, STUDY! After the test, you will begin working on Unit 3 vocabulary terms that will due on Friday of this week.

Wednesday: Forms of Business Ownership РSole Proprietorships Р Bellringer: Pair/Share Activity on Global Operations (Handout), Topic Presentations (5), PowerPoint for Sole Proprietorships and Guided Notes, Remaining class time should be spent on Unit 3 vocabulary or GMETRIX

Sole Proprietorship PowerPoint

Thursday: Forms of Business Ownership – Partnerships – Bellringer: 15 minutes to work on Unit 3 vocabulary, Remaining Topic Presentations, PowerPoint and Guided Notes on Partnerships in Business, We will add LOGOS to our Help Wanted Posters, Grand Opening Flyers and print in COLOR! GMETRIX if any time is left in class.

Business Partnerships PowerPoint

Friday: Restaurant Simulation – Press Releases – What is a Press Release? Why do companies use Press Releases? Lecture and reference on the internet, Press Release creation, Business vocabulary due today, Restaurant Packets: At this point, you should have the following: Restaurant Proposal Memo (corrected), Logo (raw and graphic designed), Letterhead, Help Wanted Ad, Employee Welcome Memo, Grand Opening Celebration Flyer and your first Press Release.