October 31st – November 4th

Congratulations to the following students who are now Microsoft Certified!

Microsoft Word 2013 Specialists:

        Dane Alley                                     Trent Bradford

   Cameron Barrios                        Jackson Flack

   McCade Curby                              Majid Kadur

Cameron Lester                           Jack Plato

      Nathan Heckman                        Braden Hoskovac

Christian Olson

GMETRIX MODULES 7, 8 and 9 are due on Friday, November 11th.

Monday – Happy Halloween: The Pursuit of “Happy”ness – Movie

Tuesday – Business Ownership and Franchises: Listing of Franchises – Business Ownership and Operations (reading a chart) – Video (10 most expensive fast food franchises) – Assignment: Franchise OR Business Opportunity (Venn Diagram and Paragraph) – GMETRIX

Wednesday – Management Levels and Styles: Bellringer: Soft Skills Target: Communication: Accepting Awards – What does it mean to be a Manager? Duties and responsibilities of management – PowerPoint and Guided Notes – Careers (Job Positions and Duties relative to management)

Management Levels/Styles

Thursday – Organizational Charts: Soft Skills Target: Character: Word Examples and their Meanings – Organizational Charts and Activities – 4th Block will go to Fine Arts to view “Elephant’s Graveyard”

Friday – Management Styles and Functions: Soft Skills Target: Communication: Eliminate these Words from your LIFE – Restaurant Simulation – Block Style Business Letters – Chamber of Commerce – GMETRIX

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