January 9 – 13

Business – Level I

Monday –  Teamwork and Employability Skills:  Please return your signed Syllabus if you have not already done so. Reminder that your restaurant information is due by Friday. You should know the name of your restaurant, the theme, color scheme, location and signature dish. Let’s play a team building game (Ping Pong Tower OR Notepad Activity). Handout – Advancing Attitudes and Self Awareness (formative). Keyboard practice.

Tuesday – Teamwork and Employability Skills: What kind of skills do employers want from you? What kind of skills would you like to have in your employees? Let’s create a graphic organizer for job skills and attributes. In groups of 3, we will identify some quality and value cards for specific careers (I can, I am, I believe in……..).  TOTD: My Skills: Matching your qualities to an employer attributes.

Wednesday –  Teamwork and Employability Skills: Bellringer Questions: Open a blank MS Word document and type the following questions and answers. When finished, save to your network drive, File Name: Employability Skills and then print to the LEX644 printer. Leave the document on the printer and I will retrieve it.

Bellringer Questions:

  1. What are employability skills? 2. What is the difference between a skill and an attribute?  3. Why are employability skills so important to my future? How do we develop employability skills while still in school? What skills and attributes do employers want?

Con’t from Wednesday…… 1st Block:

4th Block: Complete Hard and Soft Skills Handout and turn into the pink basket before you leave today. This is a formative grade. If you do not finish during class, it is homework and due at the beginning of class on Thursday.

Thursday: Communication Skills: How do we communicate with one another? What are the various ways people communicate in the business world? How are you developing your communication skills at school? Communication Chain Activity. Setting up our MOS and GMETRIX Accounts today. 

Friday: Restaurant Simulation: Let’s begin our restaurant simulation today. We will learn how to produce a business memo. You will complete a memo requesting approval from me to open a restaurant. Memo will be due by the end of class today.