January 16th – 20th

Hoya Block: You will choose your Hoya Block this week – Choose wisely! Remember that I have a Microsoft Certification Hoya Block that will give you extra time to work on your certifications!

Monday – Martin Luther King, Jr. HOLIDAY

Tuesday – Employability Skills and Attitudes in the Workplace – Rules of Classroom and Student Introductions, Graphic Organizer for Unit, Graphic Organizer for Employability Skills

Wednesday – Communication in the Workplace – Bellringer: My Skills Handout, Communication Activities, Telephone Skills PowerPoint and Worksheet, Attitude Quote

Telephone Techniques and Etiquette

Thursday – Professional Dress/Image in the Workplace AND Manners in the Workplace – Bellringer: My Skills Handout, Soft Skills, Movie: Rudy (clips), Group Work for Professional Dress

Friday – Diversity in the Workplace – Microsoft Word Lessons – Telephone Etiquette QUIZ, Diversity in the Workplace – PowerPoint and Guided Notes, GMETRIX for Word Specialists

Diversity in the Workplace