January 23 – January 27

Attitude Quotes – Memorize by Monday  – Be ready to present to class

Microsoft Certification – You should log in to GMETRIX and work on your modules with any “down time” you have in class. Module 1 is due by Friday, January 27

Spelling Words: Business, Entrepreneurship, Restaurant, References, Activities

Monday: Job Applications – Pair/Share, Find the mistakes in the application, Complete a job application, add notes to your graphic organizer, write down your requirements for three references that you MUST have by Wednesday.

Tuesday: Cover Letters – Attitude Quotes today, Prepare a cover letter for simulated job opening – formatting for personal business letters, if time, SMART ART lesson

Wednesday: Resume and Reference Sheets – Prepare a career resume and reference sheet. GMETRIX

Thursday: Diversity and Teamwork  – Diversity in the Workplace, Powerpoint and notes, teamwork quotes and activities, LOGO Mini Lesson


Friday: Restaurant Simulation –  We will meet with the graphics art students to create your LOGOS for your restaurant

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