February 27th – March 3rd

Good job on your GMETRIX modules moving towards Microsoft Certification!!!!!!!!

Microsoft Certification – You should log in to GMETRIX and work on your modules with any “down time” you have in class. Modules 4-6 are due by Friday, March 17th

Leadership Interview Project will be due Tuesday, February 28th

Leadership Interview Assignment-14w129d

Monday: Leadership – Bellringer: Take 15 minutes to finish up your Help Wanted Posters – Print to Color Printer, Soft Skills Lesson on Elevator Etiquette, Four Types of Leadership Styles – PowerPoint and Guided Notes/Questions, Leadership Vocabulary Table due on Thursday. Projects are due tomorrow, so if you have any extra time today, you can work on the project

Leadership Styles

Tuesday: Presentations/PowerPoint Guidelines – Bellringer: Ticket in the Door – Public Speaking – Class discussion – Do’s and Don’ts of Public Speaking – Everyone in class will give a two minute impromptu presentation – you may use one notecard and I will give you a list of topics from which you can choose. PowerPoint Design Guidelines and Guided Notes

PowerPoint Design Guidelines

Wednesday: MOS Certification – Soft Skills Lesson – Answering in complete sentences – MOS Work today in GMETRIX

Thursday: Public Speaking – Describe in as much detail as possible what you believe it takes to make a good public speaker. Nolan Ryan speech with rubric, MLK speech with rubric (critique) – 10 greatest movie speeches – students evaluation – Specialty Presentation Handout an d Rubric

Friday: Restaurant Simulation – Let’s review/make a list of project requirements, Employee memo, Press Releases

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