March 6th – 10th

Good job on your GMETRIX modules moving towards Microsoft Certification!!!!!!!!

Microsoft Certification – You should log in to GMETRIX and work on your modules with any “down time” you have in class. Modules 4-6 are due by Friday, March 17th

Specialty Topics Presentation
 Monday: Presentations – Soft Skills Lesson: Is Just the Name Enough? Remainder of the one minute impromptu speeches, Specialty Topics PowerPoint and Rubric due next Monday, March 13th, Visualize Your Future Activity, Part 1 of your personal vision statement – PowerPoint, Prezi and PowToon
Tuesday: Personal Vision Statements – Soft Skills Lesson: Critical Thinking, How to create a personal vision statement for yourself, Part 3 of personal vision statement, Businesses and their vision and mission statements, Specialty Topic Presentation
Wednesday: Microsoft Word –  Icon Name and Function Handout, Microsoft Word Certification 
Thursday: Business Concepts – Bellringer: Pair/Share Where in the World?, Business Concepts PowerPoint and Guided Notes with Lecture and Discussion

Business Concepts

Friday: Restaurant Simulation – What is a press release? Let’s look at some recent press releases and then create one for our restaurant grand opening, let’s go over all the requirements for the restaurant simulation, finish your specialty topics presentation which is due Monday.