August 7th – 11th – Great First Week!

Welcome to Business Education!

 Guess what? You made a good choice! Do you realize that of the 1,869,814 bachelor’s degrees conferred in 2013 – 2014, the greatest numbers of degrees were conferred in the fields of business (358,079)  (per the National Center for Education Statistics). Business and Technology is a class that will benefit you in so many ways…… no matter your choice of college major or career field.  70% of high school students say they want to own their own business and 73% of new jobs in the next five years will require technology skills. 91% of hiring managers consider employee certification as a criterion for hiring! You are going to leave this class with Microsoft Certification! 

This blog will be used for both my 1st level and 2nd level Business students.

1st Level Students: Your information will be posted DIRECTLY onto this page.

2nd Level Students:  You will want to click in the main menu bar (upper right side of screen) on Business II to access information for your class

For all business students, you should check the BLOG at the beginning of the week. I try and post my plans for the week by Monday morning. I will use this blog to post PowerPoints from class notes and to remind you of upcoming projects and assessments.

Monday: Employability Skills – Spelling Words (Business, Restaurant, Entrepreneurship, Activities, References) – Attitude Quotes – Graphic Organizer for Employability Skills, Dress for Success, Job Applications, Cover Letters and Resumes – Telephone Communication – PowerPoint and Guided Notes – Soft Skills Lesson: Shaking Hands – GMETRIX and Certiport Setup for Microsoft Certification.

Telephone Techniques and Etiquette

Tuesday: Manners and Attitude in the Workplace and Diversity in the Workplace – Take positive attitudes to work – Using Good Manners PowerPoint and Guided Notes – Diversity in the Workplace – U.S. Laws that address discrimination in the workplace

Wednesday: Dress and Appearance in the Workplace – Employability Skills Real World Scenarios – Dress for Success Handout – Slideshare – Update Graphic Organizer from Monday – Mini-Posters that Address Business Wear

Thursday: SMART Goals – Setting short-term, medium-term and long-term goals for yourself that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely – Goals Graphic Organizer – Lecture and Guided Notes – Explanation of References for our Resumes next week – Directions for your PowerPoint assignment tomorrow.

Friday : PowerPoint – Sports Authority – Creating Business Documents that are used in the workplace.