October 23rd – 27th



1st Block – Loren Franke

2nd Block – Zach White

4th Block – Mitchell Clifford

Unit 3:

Business Concepts, Presentation Skills, Organizational Charts, Management Levels and Vision Statements

For all business students, you should check the BLOG at the beginning of the week. I try and post my plans for the week by Monday morning. I will use this blog to post PowerPoints from class notes and to remind you of upcoming projects and assessments.

Monday:  Vision/Mission Statements and Restaurant Simulation – Vision and Mission statements for HEINZ, General Motors, Nike, Wal-Mart – What do they look like? What purpose does a vision/mission statement serve? Create a vision/mission statement for your restaurants – Reading business tables – Let’s talk about the quiz on Wednesday which covers: org charts, presentation skills, powerpoint notes, management levels, business concepts and vision statements – GMETRIX modules 4,5,6 are due today for a formative grade. Modules 7,8,9 will be due on November 13th.

Tuesday: Forms of Business Ownership –  Graphic organizer creation – We will create a table to use as a business ownership activity sheet – PowerPoint and Guided Notes on Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships – Lecture and discussion – Review for quiz tomorrow.

Wednesday:  Unit 3 Quiz and Business Ownership –  Quiz – Ethical Dilemmas activity – remainder of time will be spent on GMETRIX

Thursday: Forms of Business Ownership –  –  Corporations – PowerPoint and Notes – Better Than Butter Popcorn Company – Boards of Directors, Shareholders, Types of Corporations, Comparison of Forms of Business Ownership – Corporations Research Activity

Friday: Forms of Business Ownership –  Groups of 4 – Sweet Opportunities Project and Poster – Finish your Corporations Research Activity from yesterday – Creating Forms in Microsoft Word

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