January 22nd – 26th

Welcome Back! Now that you are well rested, we have lots of work to do!

This blog will be used for Level I, Level II and Level III Business Classes.

1st Level Students: Your information will be posted DIRECTLY onto this page.

2nd and 3rd Level  Students:  You will want to click in the main menu bar (upper right side of screen) on Business II or Business III to access information for your class

For all business students, you should check the BLOG at the beginning of the week. I try and post my plans for the week by Monday morning. I will use this blog to post PowerPoints from class notes and to remind you of upcoming projects and assessments.

Monday: Restaurant Simulation – Composing professional memos – We will work on a “practice” memo and learn how to format properly. You will then use your new skills to create a Restaurant Proposal memo for my approval. You should include all of your restaurant simulation information that we discussed in week one – Remember to study your Attitude quote and be ready to recite by Wednesday – work on writing your name in cursive (your formal name) – Spelling words: Business, Activities, Restaurant, Entrepreneurship, References

Tuesday: Communication Skills and Dressing for Success- How important are they? Some activities to stress importance of good communication skill – appropriate attire for the workplace – lecture and discussion – mini posters groups of two

Wednesday: GMETRIX first 30 minutes of class (I will return all graded papers up to this point) –  Attitude Quotes – SMART Goals – what are they? How do you create SMART goals for yourself? Self quiz on spelling words

Thursday: Manners and Attitude/Diversity in the Workplace – PowerPoint and Guided Notes – Students need three references by Monday. Icon name and function (bellringer) – Attitude Quotes

Friday : Employability Skills and Job Applications – Identifying your skills Handout – How to properly fill out a job application – Attitude Quotes

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