April 30th – May 4th

Business and Technology

This blog will be used for Level I, Level II and Level III Business Classes.

1st Level Students: Your information will be posted DIRECTLY onto this page.

2nd and 3rd Level  Students:  You will want to click in the main menu bar (upper right side of screen) on Business II or Business III to access information for your class


LEVEL I – Congratulations to the following students who are now Microsoft Word Specialists:

Nick Bates                             Savannah McVey                           Michael Sola

Esther Callies                        Brendan Michler                           Natalie Wallace

Will Cepress                          Casey Miller

Jacob Hall                              Noah Pratz

Objectives:  Microsoft Testing and GMETRIX

Microsoft Word Testing and Certification today

Everyone else will spend class on GMETRIX


Notes on Vision/Mission Statement – tagged

Homework: Personal Vision Statement – Part Two


See who brought their cereal boxes for Marketing Project


Objectives: Vision Statements

Bellringer: Business Ownership and Operations – Reading a Table

Let’s look at the vision statements for restaurants (existing)

Create a vision statement for your restaurant


Put Restaurant Together Today – Print everything – Turn in


 Objectives: Forms of Business Ownership

Forms of Business Ownership – Fold and cut – Graphic Organizer

PowerPoint – Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships

Sole Proprietorship PowerPoint

Business Partnerships PowerPoint

Lecture and Discussion

Objectives: Forms of Business Ownership

Finish Partnerships and Corporations

C Corp, S Corp, LLC and Non Profits

Lecture and Discussion

Better Than Butter Popcorn Company

Board of Directors and Stockholders



Objectives: Forms of Business Ownership

Sweet Opportunities – Groups of 4 

Preview: Franchises and Marketing


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