August 6 – August 10


Monday: Objectives: Employability Skills

Take up Syllabus -Soft Skills Lesson: Professionalism: Standing for Introductions (tagged) – Lesson on Memos and Restaurant Proposal Memo

Students complete Restaurant Proposal Memo today

 Tuesday: Objectives:  Employability Skills

Take up Syllabus – Soft Skills Lesson: Smile –  Soft Skills vs. hard skills – Employability Skills –  Skills, Qualities, Values Lecture and Notes

What kind of skills do you think employers want from you? What kind of skills would you want in an employee? Let’s make a list on the board.

Groups of 2…………..  classify cards into three groups and then color the cards

I can…. (skills)

I am….. (qualities)

I believe in ……. (values)

Choose a career and use cards to make project with colored words – Ethics Grade


Wednesday: Objectives:  Employability Skills

Take up Syllabus –  Soft Skills Lesson – Eye Contact – Discussion:   Modeling Work Readiness Traits in the Workplace: Integrity, honesty, accountability, punctuality, time management and respect for diversity. How important are these things?

Employability Skills Framework Handout and Worksheet – Let’s do this together aloud in class.

Employability Skills Worksheet Checklist (if time) (homework if not finished in class) – Formative Grade (table)

How do we communicate? How are you developing your communication skills at school?

Communication Chain

Thursday: Objectives: Employability Skills

Take up Syllabus – Soft Skills Lesson – Postures and Gestures – Aloud: Scenarios for Employability Skills – notebook

Manners/Attitude (tagged in notebook)

PowerPoint and Notes – Manners and Attitude in the Workplace

Taking Positive Attitudes to Work – Handout


Friday: Objectives:  Restaurant

Soft Skills Lesson:  Tone of Voice – GMETRIX Accounts set up today.

What is a logo? Discussion and examples

Draw your Restaurant LOGO




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