September 10 – 14th

Microsoft Certification is UNDERWAY! Your first three modules are due by September 17th. 

Monday:   Time Management

Leadership Quotes

Finish vocabulary tables and print for Daily Grade

Time Is Money! – Discussion

Time Management – It’s My Life – Discussion

PowerPoint with Guided Notes – Ten Strategies for Better Time Management

Tuesday:   Time Management

Leadership Quotes

Go shopping with $86,400.00 – Must use every penny. Significance of 86,400 seconds

Group Activity – Flip chart or on board – Fun Activity  deciding what is most important.

Procrastination: Ted Talk:

Groups of 4 – Michael College Scenario – each group must develop a plan for Michael.

How do you eat an elephant?????

Time Management Handout Packet – HOMEWORK

Wednesday:  Presentations and GMETRIX

CTAERN – PowerPoint – Principles of Design (Intro to Bus)

Design Guidelines and Guided Notes

Create ONE slide of a PowerPoint Presentation – Topics on the Board – Peer Review and Critique

Thursday:  Restaurant Simulation & GMETRIX

Help Wanted Ad for our Restaurants

Friday:   Presentations & GMETRIX

Ribbon Location Scavenger Hunt and Icon Name and Function Worksheet

Shark Tank – Ice Chips

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