October 8th – 12th

Microsoft Certification is in full swing. Modules 4, 5, 6 are due on Monday, October 15, 2018 

Tutoring this week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons until 4:15 if you need extra time to work on Microsoft Word.


Monday: Public Speaking/Entrepreneurship – 5 Presentations Today -Entrepreneurship Guided Notes and PowerPoint with Discussion

Entrepreneurship Partner Project – You have today and tomorrow – Typed Report and Poster – Due at the end of class tomorrow- GMETRIX

Entrepreneurship Project

Tuesday:  Entrepreneurship – 5 Presentations Today – Entrepreneurship Project – Partners – GMETRIX

Wednesday: PSAT and ASVAB – No class today

Thursday:  Restaurant Simulation/Public Speaking – 10 Presentations Today – ½ day today – GMETRIX

Friday: Microsoft Word Lessons – 5 Presentations Today – Letter to New Employees – Ribbon Location Scavenger Hunt – Homework if not completed in class


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