November 5th – November 9th

Microsoft Certification is in full swing. Modules 7,8,9 are due on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 

Congratulations to the following students who have already tested, and passed their Certification Exam:

Omeir Honda           Bryce Stanfield             Seth Bundy                  Beth Baxter         Mikenzie White

Ali Daurie                  Bella May                      Madeline Morgan      Robby Rolen       Sarah Shell



Monday: Restaurant – Chamber of Commerce Introductions and Letters – Restaurant Project Due on Friday

Tuesday:  Student Holiday

Wednesday: Business Ownership – Corporations – Types of Corporations – C Corp, S Corp, Non Profits, LLCs – Finish the Graphic Organizer – Board of Directors, Stock Ownership – Lecture and Student Activity – Sweet Opportunities – Students decide which form of business ownership is best suited for specific businesses.

Thursday:  Corporations – 1st Block – Corporations Handout – Students will research and compare/contrast three corporations that are set up with similar corporate plans and attributes

Friday: Restaurant Projects due today – Finish up anything you need to finish.