January 28th – February 1st

UNIT 1  – Employability Skills, Image, Resume, Cover Letters, FBLA, Teamwork, Goal Setting and Leadership

Monday Objectives: Employability Skills/Manners and Attitude

Finish Resume – Proof

References – Put employability packets together and turn in – Make sure graphic organizers are complete

Announce test for next Monday, February 4

Any extra time on GMETRIX

Tuesday  Objectives:  Manners and Attitude

Manners and Attitude

Manners Video and Notes –  students take notes

Positive Attitude Handout

Take Positive Attitudes to Work

SMARTART Lesson in Microsoft Word

Wednesday Objectives: Teamwork

Teamwork – Write one paragraph about a time you were on a team. Tagged

Tuckman’s Stages of Team Development

Forming, Norming, Storming, Performing with clips from movie – Remember the Titans

Teamwork Scenarios – tagged

Thursday Objectives: Review for Test/Teamwork

Teamwork Class Fun

Human Knot

List on the board with Teams (rows) activities

Putting sentences together

Review for test

Any extra time in GMETRIX

Friday Objectives: Manners and Attitude

Positive Attitudes Handout – Read and keep in your folder

Take Positive Attitudes to Work Worksheet – Complete and turn in on February 4th

Click this link Using Good Manners

Complete the handout using the above link.

Any extra time, work on GMETRIX Microsoft Certification


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