February 25th – March 1st

Microsoft Word 2016 is in full swing. Modules 4,5,6 are due on Friday, March 8 by the end of the school day. Congratulations to those of you who have already finished all 12 modules! Great job!

Unit 2: Leadership, Time Management, Communication (Public Speaking), Presentations


Objectives: Microsoft Lessons – Extra time this week – Tabs and outline Assignment

GCFlearnfree.org – Click on Technology – Click on Word 2016 – Complete Lesson 18 and Lesson 19 – At the end of each lesson – complete the practice document and save so that I can check work tomorrow. Students should have both documents saved.

Microsoft Word Flowchart Activity –  Students will create flowchart for computer fix.’


Objectives: Time Management – Close your eyes – How long is a minute?

PowerPoint, Guided Notes and Lecture for Time Management

Students spend $86,400 – Use the money or lose the money – Relationship to time in your day.


Objectives: Time Management – Time Management – It’s My Life and Time is Money

Fun Activity

Procrastination: Why do you do it? Video on procrastination

A Simple Time Management Plan


Objectives: Restaurant – Letterhead – What is it? Show examples

Create a letterhead for our restaurant so that we can begin writing business letters.


Objectives: Restaurant – Microsoft Lesson on using bullets…..

Gcflearnfree.org – Lists and bullets – Lesson #10 – Show video and let’s practice

Help Wanted Flyers  – Restaurant is set to open in about 6 weeks. Create a help wanted ad/flyer that clearly defines the type of employees you want to hire.