March 18 – 22

Microsoft Certification is in full swing. You should have completed Modules 1 – 6 at this point. Modules 7, 8, 9 are due on Friday, March 29th. Tutoring and Open Lab on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week until 4:15

Congratulations to Gaven House, Aiden Rice and Chantal Cyrier for becoming Microsoft Certified!

UNIT 3 – Entrepreneurship, Business Concepts, Vision/Mission Statements, Levels of Management, Organizational Charts

Monday:  Objectives: Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs PPT – Guided Notes

Entrepreneurship Group Project – Assign partners and brainstorm ideas today. – Assign groups

Announce Modules 7,8,9 are due on March 29th.

Testing begins in April for Certification. Testing will take place every Monday in April

Tuesday: Objectives:  Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Group Project

Be ready for presentations on Monday 3 – 25


Wednesday: ObjectivesBusiness Concepts

PowerPoint and Guided Notes – Business Concepts

Introduction to the SBA and  Cobb Chamber of Commerce

Restaurant Letter to the Chamber of Commerce

Thursday: Objectives: Restaurant

Internet Activity – Small Business Administration – Handout with Questions

Friday: Objectives: Business Concepts

You will complete a one page menu for your restaurants today. Click on the link below and follow the step by step instructions for creating your menu. If you do not finish today, don’t worry…. I will give you some time on Monday for finishing touches. The bulk of the menu should be completed today. DO NOT GET FRUSTRATED. I have provided a sample menu, but you will “tailor” your menu to your restaurants. Be creative, obviously you will not be able to list ALL your menu items because of lack of space on one page, but my expectation is that you will create a menu that includes appetizers, main courses and desserts. The sample on this link has spelling and grammar errors. Don’t make the mistake of NOT using spell check 🙁  as you will notice the spelling/grammar errors on the menu and they are OBVIOUS.




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