March 25 – 29

Microsoft Certification is in full swing. You should have completed Modules 1 – 6 at this point. Modules 7, 8, 9 are due on Friday, March 29th. Tutoring and Open Lab on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week until 4:15

Congratulations to Gaven House, Aiden Rice and Chantal Cyrier for becoming Microsoft Certified!

UNIT 3 – Entrepreneurship, Business Concepts, Vision/Mission Statements, Levels of Management, Organizational Charts

Monday:  Objectives: Entrepreneurship

Chamber of Commerce – Finish and print letters

Restaurant Menus – Let’s take a look together and correct any issues you had on Friday

Business Concepts – PowerPoint and Guided Notes

Entrepreneurship Group Project – SHARK TANK tomorrow

Modules 7,8,9 are due on March 29th.

Testing begins in April for Certification. Testing will take place every Monday in April

Tuesday: Objectives:  Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Group Project – SHARK TANK Presentations due today



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