August 5 – 9, 2019

This blog will be used for Level I, Level II and Level III Business Classes.

1st Level Students: Your information will be posted DIRECTLY onto this page.

2nd and 3rd Level  Students:  You will want to click in the main menu bar (upper right side of screen) on Business II or Business III to access information for your class

For all business students, you should check the BLOG at the beginning of the week. I try and post my plans for the week by Monday morning. I will use this blog to post PowerPoints from class notes and to remind you of upcoming projects and assessments.

Level I – I will provide you a hard copy of the syllabus in class, but here is a link to it.

Intro to Business Syllabus  Please sign it, have your parents sign and return to me (Ethics Grade in Synergy).

Week 1 – August 5th – 9th

Monday – Employability Skills – Emphasis on Work Readiness/Soft and Hard Job Skills

Take up Syllabus, T Chart Notes for Soft and Hard Skills in the Workplace, Pair/Share activity with employability cards and those skills used in their Career Choice (Formative Grade), Modeling Work Readiness Traits in the Workplace (handout)

Tuesday – Employability Skills – Emphasis on Soft Job Skills and Creating Tables in MS Word

Take up Syllabus, Take up Work Readiness Traits handout, Employability Skills Framework in Microsoft Tables (Communication, teamwork, problem solving, initiative and enterprise, planning and organizing, self management, lifelong learning and technology, Discussion and reminder of restaurant simulation ideas for Friday

Wednesday – Employability Skills – Emphasis on Manners and Attitude in the Workplace

Do manners matter? How do you make a good impression? What is respect and how do you show it? Kahoot on Positive Attitudes, Pair/Share activity for having a good attitude, Positive attitude cards, PowerPoint and Guided Notes on Manners and Attitude in the workplace, handout

Thursday – Employability Skills – Emphasis on Professional Dress in the Workplace

Dress for success handout from the Georgia Department of Labor, Pair/Share PowerPoint that you will create about dress code in the workplace, Set up GMETRIX accounts today for MOS Certification, Reminder about Restaurant needs for tomorrow

Friday – Restaurant Project

What is a memo? Memo formatting guidelines and practice, Restaurant proposal memo (formative grade)


PREVIEW FOR NEXT WEEK:  Cover letter, resume, job applications and reference sheets, Diversity in the Workplace, Time management, SMART Goals, Microsoft Word Lessons


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