August 19 – 23 (Week 3)

Week 3  – August 19 – 23

Monday – Employability Skills – Emphasis on finishing Job Applications/Resume and Cover Letter

Finish applications from Friday (part 1 of project) – You will receive a copy of the Georgia Department of Labor’s instructions for effective resumes and cover letters – PowerPoint presentation on Resumes with student notes – Let’s look at some examples of resumes and complete a professional resume for a high school student (part 2 of project) – Cover letter information – A reminder that you need to bring your information for references tomorrow. See Tuesday for reference information.

Tuesday – Employability Skills – Emphasis on finishing Resume/Cover Letter and Reference Sheet

Reference Sheet today – you need to secure three professional references for yourself. These should be three people who know you and can attest to your character and work ethic. Think about teachers, counselors, coaches, family friends, neighbors, church leaders, etc… – YOU MAY NOT USE FAMILY FOR A REFERENCE and no one under the age of 18. You will need to secure their full names, addresses, phone number and/or email address. If you know them in a professional setting, you also need their titles and the name of their company. This is part 4 of your project. Project will be finished today and turned in for a summative grade.

Wednesday – Employability Skills – Emphasis on Time Management

Time Management – Why do you procrastinate? Some of us work better if we wait until the last minute…. but as you get closer to college you will realize that good time management skills will be paramount to your success and being able to handle all that you will have to handle in college and life. So, we will talk about some ways that you can manage your time better and identify some of those issues that cause you to have poor time management. Guided notes sheet and short exercise.

Any extra time will be spent on GMETRIX today. You should be finished with Module 1 and working on Module 2 to stay on track.

Thursday – Employability Skills – Emphasis on Diversity in the Workplace

Sub today.  Please complete all work as it will be graded. Use the following website on diversity  Understanding Diversity to complete handout #1 which the substitute will provide for you.  When finished, turn in to the sub. Handout #2 you will type on a Word Document and save until tomorrow. I will allow you to print at the beginning of class tomorrow and turn in handout #2. If you finish both, you should work on GMETRIX.

Friday – Restaurant Project and Review for Unit 1 Test on Tuesday, August 27th

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