September 2 – September 6

Week 5  –  September 2 – September 6

Monday – Labor Day Holiday

Tuesday – Communication and Teamwork Skills

GMETRIX Modules 1 -3 due today – Journal Prompt about a time you were on a team. Finish our graphic organizers for Tuckman’s Theory of Team Development – Refer back to “Remember the Titans” for clips about forming, storming, norming and performing – Groups of 5 -6 for communications and teamwork game – Get ready to CONGA!!!!

Wednesday – Communication and Teamwork Skills

GMETRIX due dates are September 20th for Modules 4,5,6 – Elements of teamwork with an inventory and self assessment of your skills – Teamwork presentation with a few notes – Game of Blocks – Teamwork quotes will be distributed today – Be ready for the presentation of those quotes on Monday, September 9th – Microsoft Word Lesson today: Drawing and Manipulating Shapes

Thursday – Leadership Skills

Brainstorming Island Activity – What is a leader? Let’s identify some character traits of true leaders – Vocabulary table for leadership traits – Leadership assignment – Microsoft Word Lessons on tables and formatting tables

Friday – Leadership Skills and Restaurant Project 

Box Patterns activity – Icon Name and Function worksheet for Microsoft Word 2016 – Ribbon Location Scavenger Hunt for Microsoft Word 2016


Next week: Presentations and Business Concepts