Week 10 – October 14 through October 18

Week 10   October 14 – October 18

GMETRIX is in full swing. We have several students who are nearing completion and will be able to sit for the exam very soon. Modules  7,8,9 are due on November 6th. Remember that if you need extra time, come during Hoya Block or set up some time before or after school with me.

UNIT 3 – Business Concepts, Entrepreneurship, Levels of Management, Organizational Charts, Business Ownership and Franchises, Vision and Mission Statements for Businesses


Monday  Objectives: Entrepreneurship

Small Business Administration – Take up the work from Friday

Students have 15 minutes to work in their groups and practice for presentations tomorrow.

Restaurant – Help Wanted Ad – Let’s advertise our available positions at the restaurant so that we can hire staff.

GMETRIX modules 7,8,9 are due on November 6th – Reminder that students must make >80 to move on to the next module

Tuesday Objectives: Entrepreneurship

Presentations of  Entrepreneurship Project  -Groups of 3 – Entrepreneurship Research Activity – Economics, Famous Entrepreneurs, Inventions, Dot.com Ventures and Business Plans  – Groups of three to four

Entrepreneurs Graphic Organizer

Microsoft Lesson on Bullets – Standard and Custom

Microsoft Lesson on Level Lists

Wednesday Objectives: Forms of Business Ownership

Make a graphic organizer – Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Corporation, LLCs

Definition – Ownership – Start Up Costs – Taxes – Liability – Decision Making – Pros – Cons

Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships (general and limited) Today – PowerPoints and Notes

Online store Partnership Agreement –  Show agreements to class and assign partners who want the extra credit – drop lowest formative grade

Thursday Objectives: Forms of Business Ownership

 Corporations  – PowerPoints and Notes

If we have time, corporations assignment

Friday Objectives: Forms of Business Ownership

Ownership Factors Check off List

Business Ownership Review Handout

Sweet Opportunities – Mini Posters


Preview: Next week:

Monday: Franchises – Introduction



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