October 21 – October 25 – Week 11

Week 11   October 21 – October 25

GMETRIX is in full swing. We have several students who are nearing completion and will be able to sit for the exam very soon. Modules  7,8,9 are due on November 6th. Remember that if you need extra time, come during Hoya Block or set up some time before or after school with me.

UNIT 3 – Business Concepts, Entrepreneurship, Levels of Management, Organizational Charts, Business Ownership and Franchises, Vision and Mission Statements for Businesses 

Monday  Objectives: Franchises

What is a franchise? Notes for graphic organizer, Franchise Word Map

Investing money and pay franchise fees – must share your profits, Franchise fee,

Franchise Agreement,  Royalty Fees

A way to go into business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Board of Directors: Corporations and Non Profits

Separation of owners and managers 

GMETRIX modules 7,8,9 are due on November 6th – Reminder that students must make >80 to move on to the next module

Tuesday Objectives: Review for Business Concepts and Ownership

Series of three activities with a partner as review for ownership – Pair/Share

1.     Pick up your envelope from table – Using glue, glue your characteristics of business ownership onto your review sheet.

2.     Business Ownership Gallery Walk – questions posted around and outside of room – Use the gallery walk worksheet to answer all questions

3.     If you started a business questions – Choose two cards from each stack of difficulty, beginner and intermediate.  Answer on your own paper. Then, when you are ready, come to my table, have a seat and be ready to answer two advanced questions regarding business ownership and concepts.

Wednesday Objectives: Corporations Project

In notebook  – Students choose from the list of corporations

Research history, facts, mission statement, social responsibility, competition, stock exchange info, subsidiaries

Thursday Objectives: Corporations Project


Friday Objectives: Restaurant

New Employee Memo

Press Release on Letterhead 

Microsoft Lesson on Bullets – Standard and Custom

Microsoft Lesson on Level Lists