November 11th – 15th

Week 14   November 11th – November 15th

CONGRATULATIONS to Ethan Williams and Ryan Kloss for being the first two students to earn Microsoft Office Certification this semester.

GMETRIX MODULES – Modules 1 – 9 should be completed at this point. Most of you will have to complete at least TWO more modules (10 – 12) before you are ready for certification testing. Please check with me and stay caught up as we near the end of the semester.

 Monday: Objectives: Restaurant

Send your organizational charts to me via email

Print your business cards for your project

Press Releases – What are they? Why are they necessary?

Create a press release for your grand opening on December 14th

Let’s get our Restaurant Simulation packages checked

Tuesday: Objectives: Marketing –  Marketing Mix

Marketing Stray Thoughts – Graphic Organizer

Marketing is communicating an idea to an audience – Definition on board

Marketing Mix PowerPoint and Guided Notes

Students should have calculators ready

Students will place themselves into groups of three – Entrepreneurship Project Explanation 

Wednesday: Objectives: Marketing – Branding and Promotion

Branding PowerPoint with student interaction

Mystery Connection – Bring the products  (re-write the instruction sheet) 

Packaging, and Slogans 

Thursday: Objectives: Vision and Mission Statements

Personal Vision Statement – Part One and Part Two

Creating a vision statement for your life.

Creating a vision statement for your business.

Entrepreneurship Project

Friday: Objectives: Restaurant and Word Lessons

Grand Opening Flyer

Extra time: Entrepreneurship Project

Preview:  Entrepreneurship Shark Tank Project, SWOT Analysis

Good Consumer Project on Monday

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