December 2 – December 6

Week 16   December 2 – December 6

CONGRATULATIONS to the following students for earning Microsoft Office Certification:

John H, Will G, Tyler M, Joey C, Emily T, Ava J, Julissa S, Ryan G, Ryan K, Lakin B, Nathan E, Julianna F, Tate H, Merren I, Minh L, Matthew L, Ethan W

GMETRIX MODULES – Modules 1 – 9 should be completed at this point. Most of you will have to complete at least TWO more modules (10 – 12) before you are ready for certification testing. Please check with me and stay caught up as we near the end of the semester. Testing will occur on Thursday and Friday of this week.

UNIT 4 –  Organizational Charts, Marketing, Human Resources, Financial Literacy

Monday Objectives: Marketing Project

Branding PowerPoint – Student notes

Marketing Mix graphic for the students so they can fill it in

Review the 4 P’s for Marketing – from previous notes

Marketing Paper to address the 4 P’s for our cereal boxes – also use information from notebook regarding product, price, place, promotion

Talk to students about testing this week.





Objectives: Marketing Project – Cereal Boxes and Restaurant Simulation

1st block – Print the Restaurant Simulation and turn in, finish notes on Marketing Mix – explain the  2nd part of the Cereal project and students will complete today. Turn in cereal box today.

2nd block – Finish the Cereal Box Marketing Mix – Turn both in. –

Insurance PowerPoint

Insurance Unit – You are the teacher now  – Presentations on Monday, December 11, 2019 – Formative Grade

Wednesday Objectives:  Insurance

Insurance Project – Groups of three – Let’s students choose their own groups – must work with students you have NOT worked with before. Entire class period to finish the project

Thursday Objectives: Human Resources

Testing today for GMETRIX

Finish the Insurance Project

Human Resources PowerPoint and answer sheet.

Friday Objectives: Human Resources – – Lecture on Pay, Benefits and Working Conditions

Discussion on pay, taxes with calculations