January 6 – January 10

Introduction to Business and Technology

Welcome Spring, 2020 Students!!!!!

Introduction to Business and Technology – Spring 2020

Lesson plans for the week of:  January 6 – January 10  (Week 1)

 UNIT 1  – Employability Skills, Professional Appearance, Manners and Attitude, SMART Goals, Time Management, Career – Resume/Job App/Cover Letter and Reference Sheet

Monday – Objectives: Introductions-

Roster and Introduction to Class, TRSS Forms Check, White Paddles – How do you feel this morning? (other questions that are tagged to break the ice)

Review the Syllabus

Foldable Name Plates, Can everyone log in? Join  REMIND  (handouts),  View my BLOG

The Great Discovery – Handout – Help me to know more about you.

 You will be opening a new restaurant during this 18 week course

Name of Restaurant, theme and color scheme, location (include city and state), description of signature dish – Why you chose this particular restaurant – by Monday, August 13

 Introductions – Verbal Communication Skills – Students will tell me three important things about themselves.

Tuesday – Objectives: Introductions

Take up syllabus

Microsoft Certification – Let’s talk about it.

20 Questions and Print to color printer

Introductions – Remainder of introductions – Importance of communication skills as young adult

Colored bathroom passes – color the passes,  Class Rules and Expectations – Students write expectations on poster paper – groups of 4 and hang up around room

Sticky labels on the desk – write down one word that describe someone who is good at their job – put in the parking lot

Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills – Notes

What are employability skills? In other words, if you were running a business, what kinds of skills would you want your employees to have? What kind of skills do you think employers want from you? What kind of skills would you want in an employee? Make a list on the board.

 Wednesday – Objectives:  Employability Skills

Take up Syllabus

Employability Skills – Skills, Qualities, Values Lecture and Notes

Groups of 2………….. Give Pairs of students sets of cards. They will classify cards into three groups and then color the cards. I can…. (skills), I am….. (qualities), I believe in ……. (values)

Choose a career and use cards to make project with colored words – Ethics Grade

Microsoft Word: Lesson on Tables

Thursday – Objectives:  Employability Skills

Take up Syllabus

Discussion:   Modeling Work Readiness Traits in the Workplace: Integrity, honesty, accountability, punctuality, time management and respect for diversity. How important are these things?

Employability Skills Framework Handout – Lets Create tables in Microsoft Word (tagged) (use tagged pages for definition and students will complete examples after we finish all tables)

Friday – Objectives: Manners and Attitude

On the Board:  Do manners matter? How do you make a good impression? What is respect and how do you show it?

Kahoot – Developing a Positive Attitude

Pair/Share: Think of three ways to have a good attitude toward yourself

Think of three ways to have a good attitude towards your job (school)

Think of three ways to have a good attitude towards your peers/co-workers

Think of three ways to have a good attitude toward customers

TOTD:  Pass out Positive Attitude handout – Department of Labor and have students read and highlight.

Manners/Attitude – PowerPoint and Notes – Manners and Attitude in the Workplace  Manners 2019

Guided Notes

Taking Positive Attitudes to Work – Handout

Preview for Week 2: Professional Appearance and SMART Goals


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