January 20th – January 24th

Introduction to Business and Technology

We are off to a quick start!

Introduction to Business and Technology – Spring 2020

Lesson plans for the week of:  January 20 – 24 (Week 3)

 UNIT 1  – Employability Skills, Professional Appearance, Manners and Attitude, SMART Goals, Time Management, Career – Resume/Job App/Cover Letter and Reference Sheet

Monday – Objectives: Holiday
Tuesday: Objectives: :  SMART Goals

Return all graded paper – Corrections and re print for restaurant proposal

References by Friday – You need to have the information for three references that you may use for your professional resume. Full name, email address and/or phone number, relationship, title, business.

Let’s talk about GMETRIX due dates – Modules 1 and 2 are due on Friday, January 31st. You may work ahead as long as you are staying in the training modules. Grades for Modules 1 and 2 will be averaged for a formative grade in the gradebook.

PowerPoint on goals –  Lecture on short term, intermediate term and long term goals

Lecture on career, personal and educational goals -Graphic Organizer for life goals – Word lesson graphics Shapes –  Smart Goals Worksheet for ONE big goal

 Wednesday: Objectives: Employment Application and Microsoft Word

Read DOL Employment Applications and highlight important points.

Ribbon Location Scavenger Hunt – Due at the end of class. You may work with a partner. Turn in to the sub before you leave.

Any extra time on GMETRIX

Thursday: Objectives: Career – Job Applications/Resume/Cover Letter/References

Job Applications PowerPoint – Tips for filling out an application – tagged

Let’s talk about job applications – show some examples – what to do and not to do

Pair/Share – Looking at applications that need help- Let’s fill out an application for employment

Cover Letter today – compose and print

Summative Project -Employability Project – Due on Monday


Friday: Objectives: Career – Job Applications/Resume/Cover Letter/References

Employability Skills Scenarios

Resume Today – Composing a professional resume for a high school student

Fun Activity





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