February 24 – February 28 – Week 7

Introduction to Business and Technology – Spring 2020

*** GMETRIX  – Skill Review 1, Skill Review 2, Skill Review 3 – Training Modules are due 2/27/20***

Lesson Plans for the week of February 24 – 28  (Week 7)

Unit 2:  Microsoft Word Lessons, Teamwork, Leadership, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking. Communication


Monday:   Objectives:  Teamwork

Finish the leadership quotes, Evaluate the graphic design – Use the link on my blog

New seating chart Instructions, Finish Teamwork vocabulary sheet and print – for your notes

1 – 9 on the floor – Leadership and Teamwork, Ping Pong Tower – Group Activity

GMETRIX with any additional time

Tuesday:  Objectives: Leadership

Students write leadership traits on the board,  Students write leaders on the board

Be ready to defend choices, Handout – Leadership Character Traits

Talk about leadership and how it isn’t just a title,  Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership – Notes and PP,  Practice and Commitments, Pair/Share: Students take their Practice and Commitments and give 5 examples of how that practice is used in the workplace.

Wednesday: Objectives: Leadership (Finish) and Presentations and Public Speaking

Leadership Mini Posters with Partners,  Diagnostic Assessment of Public Speaking – tagged

Dos and Don’ts of public speaking,  One minute topics today – Joke/Riddle, funny story, vacation, high school event  (15 students)


Thursday:  Objectives: Presentations/Public Speaking

PowerPoint Design Guidelines – posted on blog with handout for notes

Six Principles of Good Design – posted on blog with handout for notes

Field Trip for Level III students,   GMETRIX due at the end of class today – Modules 3,4,5

Friday:  Objectives:

Finish our one minute speeches

Finish our layouts for our restaurants – color coded

Microsoft Office: Page Layout Lessons, Columns Lessons

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