April 13 – April 17 – Digital Learning Week #4

Introduction to Business and Technology – Spring 2020!

Wednesday, April 15 

Hello everyone. It was awesome to see you all and talk with you this morning. I hope that I covered all the information you needed regarding grades and your options for the remainder of the school year. As promised, here is the remaining PowerPoint that you will use to complete your ownership table. When the table is complete, please send to me as an attachment in an email. Please submit to me no later than Friday, April 17th at 3:30 p.m. – Keep a copy for yourself. You will use this table to complete assignments for next week. If you have done a good job on the table, you should be able to use it for all assignments next week. If not, you will need to refer back to the PowerPoints provided to help you.

Corporations – LLC – Non-Profits

Sunday, April 12th

Hello everyone. Happy Spring! I hope that everyone is doing well and staying healthy! I have set up a Zoom meeting for Wednesday, April 15th at 10:00 a.m. – This is a mandatory Zoom meeting so I hope that you will try and attend. I am sending an email to your email/your parent’s email that will provide a link for you to click to join the Zoom meeting. I will answer questions that you have about your grades moving forward and how the remainder of the semester will go. I will also review sole proprietorships and partnerships (general and limited). Please make sure that you complete Monday and Tuesday’s assignments BEFORE the Zoom meeting so that I can answer any questions that you have regarding these two forms of ownership.

This week we will be completing the table that you created last week so that we can begin the important concepts of business ownership. Before you begin completing the table, go ahead and add another column titled TAXES to your table as I will address how each form of ownership has to pay taxes in the PowerPoints attached.

Monday and Tuesday Assignment:

Assignment #1: Use the PowerPoint on Sole Proprietorships (linked below) and complete the Sole Proprietorship ROW of your business ownership table – you will fill in the cells for ownership, start up costs, liability, decision making, advantages and disadvantages and taxes.

Sole Proprietorship – 2020

Assignment #2: Use the PowerPoint on Partnerships and complete the General and Limited Partnership ROWS of your business ownership table – you will fill in the cells for ownership, start up costs, liability, decision making, advantages, disadvantages and taxes.

Partnerships 2020

Wednesday Assignment:

Join the Zoom meeting at 10:00 a.m. – I will review sole proprietorships and partnerships. Also, I will briefly discuss corporations, LLCs and non profits. I will then upload PowerPoints on these three forms of ownership so that you may complete the table and begin to answer some questions and complete some assignments regarding ownership.

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