April 20 – April 24 – Week #5 of Digital Learning

Sunday, April 19 

Hey everybody. Hope you are all doing well. Nice job on your tables last week. I appreciate the fact that you used some formatting techniques and used things like: Merging cells, font face, font color, styles and margins to not only be creative, but make your table fit on the page appropriately. I also appreciate the fact that you remembered your tables lessons and used proper grammar (capitalizations) and appropriate cell size (columns and rows) so that your information fit properly. This week, you will use that table (and PowerPoints on this site) to complete your assignments. The information provided to you last week will help you complete the handouts.

Assignment #1: Ownership Review Handout – A good review for sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations. Be sure to answer questions #16 – #20 with complete sentences that are content rich and grammatically correct.

Ownership Review Handout

Assignment #2: Evaluating Business Ownership – Read each of the scenarios and follow the directions carefully. Use your knowledge of business ownership to decide which form of ownership would be most appropriate and be sure to support your answers.

Evaluating Business Ownership

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