Tuesday, August 25th

Good morning everyone! Back up Plan today!!!!! 🙂 Business Communication is in red. Financial Literacy is in blue (scroll down).

2nd Block – Business Communications – Here is your work for today.

Check out this website that gives you information on interpersonal skills – especially in the work place. Remember that interpersonal skills are sometimes called employability skills or soft skills. We talked about these at length in Business Level 1 and Business Level 2 – You should be VERY familiar with these skills. Assignment #1: Take notes from this website as you will need to recall some of these skills moving forward in class. We will discuss these notes on Thursday. Be ready to give examples of how you see these skills used in the workplace/school.


Assignment #2: How do you start a conversation with someone you don’t know? Write down 5 conversation starters and be ready to share those on Thursday.

Assignment #3: Below is a file that is titled Interpersonal Skills. On the directions is a website that you should use. Read the article from the website and answer all 12 questions. Use your own words and answer in complete sentences. You should create a Word Document – type the questions AND the answers. Submit the word document to me via email at sherri.johnson@cobbk12.org

Interpersonal Skills

This assignment is in CTLS, but I don’t know about being able to access that site right now, so at least this way, you have the assignment and can complete and submit. This assignment is due by Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.




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