Business III

Business III –  January 2020

Business Communications

As one of the most important skills for employers, students will explore the value of communication in their personal and professional life. The digital presence and impact of written and visual communication in a technological society is paramount and will be addressed throughout the semester. I will provide a hard copy of the syllabus to you, but here is the link in case you lose your copy 🙂

Business Communications Syllabus Spring 2020

Topics Covered Include:

Employability Skills, Grammar and Mechanics for Written Communication, Verbal Communication, Listening Skills, Advanced Word and PowerPoint, Presentation Skills, Digital Technologies, Business in Government, Economics, International Business


Lesson Plans 

Business Communications –  Level  III

Lesson plans for the week of:   January 6th – 10th  (Week 1) 

UNIT  1  –  Communication (Manners, Gestures, Body Language) – Formal/Informal Communication – Communication Process – Communicating in A Global Society – Using Technology to Communicate – Meetings – Conflict Resolution – Working in Teams

Monday – Objectives: Introduction

Introduction to Class, Catch up with everyone, Business Folders in Computer, Syllabus

Expectations given subject content, Notecards for vocabulary and Neatness

Review standards for this class – Copy of standards to students

Explanation of Soft Skills – PowerPoint 2019 Certification – Projects – Importance of Grammar

What are communication skills and why are they important? What are the benefits of having strong communication skills? What are some different ways we communicate? What are your communication strengths? Weaknesses? How can you improve? How can becoming a better communicator help you with your friends? With your school work?

Adapting Your Message

Only 7% of communication skills are words*******

Let’s Play Charades – Charades phrases and words




Mail Merge

Practice Letter

Practice List