Business III

Business III – May 10th, 2020

For this last week, if you have a zero in the gradebook for a formative assignment, you have the opportunity to re-do that assignment this week. If you no longer have the instructions, send me an email and I will send them to you.

Business III – May 4, 2020

Hello everyone. It was so great to see our Senior class today as they did their drive thru at HHS. Congratulations to the Seniors. We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. I have sure enjoyed having you in my classes for your high school careers. Looking forward to all the great things that you will accomplish in the future.

I would like for you to review some information about both emails and memos in the workplace. The first website link is just FYI for you. It is a great resource for email etiquette. You will write additional emails next week, but I wanted you to understand the difference between an email and a memo. So, to start, just copy and paste  (into a browser) and read through this link:

Next, let’s go in depth with memos this week. I am attaching three files for you: The first file called memo sample is a sample of a memo (duh). I taught you to write memos in Level I, so it should look very familiar to you. Use this sample if you have any problems with formatting. The second file called memo activity is a short question/answer handout that I would like for you to complete. All directions are on the handout and you should have no problem. Use the website provided on the handout. Lastly, there is a file called memo scenarios – Read the directions on the handout. You will be choosing two of the four scenarios provided to write business memos. Each memo should be done on a separate document. So, for this week, you will owe me the memo activity and two scenario memos.

Let me know if you have questions.

Memo Sample

Memo Activity – Website Research

Memo Scenarios




Business III – April 27, 2020

Hey again. Hope you are all doing great The letters that you wrote last week were awesome. Thank you for taking the time to READ through the first few pages of the link so that you could properly understand how to compose and write the letter.

This week, you will be composing two personal business letters. Personal business letters are letters that individuals write to a business. THIS IS NOT BUSINESS TO BUSINESS correspondence. B2B looks very different than a personal business letter. I am posting an example of a personal business letter and then an assignment that requires you to write two personal business letters this week. I am giving you a choice about the letters and you may choose two of the four choices.

Example of a Personal Business Letter – Level III

Handout – Composing a Personal Business Letter

Your letters should be well written (content rich) using proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Each letter should be on a separate word document. Be sure to use the correct formatting and include all sections of a personal business letter as noted on the example. Please use times new roman, font size 12 for your letters.

Let me know if you have questions or need help with formatting the letters.

Business III – April 19, 2020

Hello everyone. We will begin a new unit this week: Workplace Writing – You will learn how to compose and write some different formatted business letters this week.

Using Workplace Writing in the Classroom

Writing letters, memos, and proposals can help improve communication skills, which in turn helps give you a head start on valuable job skills. For workplace writing to be effective, it must be clear and complete. The six basic traits of good writing are:

Ideas (details and focus), Organization (strong opening and clear divisions), Voice (tone, style and attention to audience), Word choice (language, phrasing), Sentence Fluency (rhythm and readability) and Conventions (editorial correctness).

Here are some of the ways you can use workplace writing in school:

Letters – Thank you letters or letters of complaint

E-Mail Messages and Memos – Email your teacher or principal

Reports – Summary reports or proposals

Special Forms – Maybe writing a news release or creating a pamphlet or brochure

There is an awesome website that I have downloaded as a pdf for you to use: Read through the first 8 pages. Then, go back and complete activities 1,2,3, and 4. It is going to be VERY IMPORTANT that you actually READ the content on the pages before completing the activities. All four activities will be due by Friday, April 24 at 3:30 p.m.

Workplace Writing

This will be a good starting point. Next week, we will break down the parts of a business letter and the different formats for business letters. We will also review memos, mail merge, forms and the importance of writing in business.

Business III – April 12, 2020

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great break! Miss you all so much. It was great to see everyone at the Zoom meeting two weeks ago. I am setting up a Zoom for this week on Tuesday, April 14th at 12:30 p.m. – I want you to have the opportunity to ask about grades, options for the remainder of the year and assignments. Please plan on attending.

Topic this week: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

While finishing up this unit, we need to address social responsibility in a corporate environment. What is social responsibility? Corporate social responsibility is a type of international private business self-regulation that aims to contribute to societal goals of a philanthropic, activist, or charitable nature by engaging in or supporting volunteering or ethically-oriented practices. In other words, it is a corporation’s way of “giving back”. There are a lot of companies/corporations that actively participate in social responsibility: Target, Google, Ben and Jerry’s, LEGO, Patagonia, the Walt Disney Company, Starbucks (just to name a few). Here is a brief PP that gives you a better understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility: Social Responsibility

Following is a couple of websites that will provide you some additional information about companies and the socially responsible steps they are taking for their environment, their employees, and their communities:

Now that you are familiar with social responsibility, I would like for you to choose a company that you consider socially responsible and complete the following assignment. On the instruction sheet is a list of corporations to choose from….. once you choose, send me an email. I do not want duplicate PowerPoints sent to me, so have your company approved by me BEFORE you begin.

Corporate Social Responsibility Project

Hopefully, I will see you all on Tuesday at the Zoom meeting. Miss you!

Business III – March 29, 2020


Hello everybody! I sure miss you guys. Planning on a ZOOM tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. Most of you were invited. If you have a weird/strange email, then you may not have received an invitation because I could not find your email address in my library. Primarily, the Zoom is just to check in on everyone and see your faces.

Topic for this week: Copyright Infringement/Public Domain/Fair Use/Intellectual Property

Copyright law is all about balance. Copyright laws give creators the right to be compensated for many uses of their works as well as the ability to control many uses of their works. Those rights, however, are limited in time and scope, in order to ensure that the public is able to access and re-use creative works in new and interesting ways. Thus, while copyright is often narrowly discussed in terms of restrictions, there are aspects of the law that exist to facilitate the rights and freedoms of the users or Re-users as well as the original creators. These permissive aspects include fair use and public domain.

As a business owner, it is paramount that you are aware of copyright laws, infringement, fair use doctrine, etc….. For your assignment, I am providing you with several websites that you may use to research these topics. You will be creating a PowerPoint (given some very specific PowerPoint instructions) over these topics. This assignment is two – fold. Number one, you will be learning information about copyright and fair use and number two, you will have the opportunity to use some of your PowerPoint skills to IMPRESS me!

Instructions are on the attached assignment. Please do your research. Do not just tell me what you “think” you know about copyright. PowerPoint should be CONTENT rich with new knowledge that you have acquired.

Copyright PowerPoint Instructions

Business III – March 22, 2020

Hey everyone! How are you? ALMOST everyone completed their work and submitted last week! YAY! When you submit work to me, I will send you an email confirmation back that I have received your work.  PLEASE SEND ME ONE EMAIL WITH ALL THREE OF THE ASSIGNMENTS FOR THIS WEEK ATTACHED. DO NOT SEND ME THREE DIFFERENT EMAILS. For now, I am putting our speeches on hold. They will not be due this week. I am moving forward with other standards and we will come back to public speaking. Upcoming will be ethics, copyright infringement, public domain and corporate social responsibility.

This week, complete the following:

Assignment #1: Use – Click on technology, click on PowerPoint – complete the following:

Lesson 14 – Indents and Line Spacing – Watch the video tutorial – review the lesson and complete the Challenge exercise at the end. Send me and email with the Agenda slide attached showing me your completion of the challenge.

Lesson 18 – Aligning, Ordering and Grouping Objects – Watch the video tutorial – review the lesson and complete the Challenge exercise at the end. Send me an email with the Healthy Recipes Available slide attached showing me your completion of the challenge.

Assignment #2: Steps for Ethical Decision Making – You may do this on a Word Document and submit to me as an attachment. These are typical scenarios you will find in the workplace. I have actually seen each of these scenarios in play over the course of my career. Ethics in the workplace is paramount and learning how to make ethical decisions sounds easy, but there is a lot of “gray” area. Please follow directions.

Steps for Making Ethical Decisions in the Workplace


Business III –  March 15th, 2020


Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well and staying healthy. Your assignments for this week:

  1. International Business – Case Study – Why Nations Trade – Read the case study and answer questions 1 – 8. You my have to use the internet to answer some of the questions. This is YOUR ONLY assignment this week, so please make sure that your answers are content rich and grammatically correct.  A copy of the case study and questions are linked below in case you lost your copy. You will submit your answers to me no later than Friday, March 20th. Please put “Level III – Case Study” in the subject line of your email and send to

If any of you are bored (haha) – you can always use and begin working through some PowerPoint 2019 lessons. Some of these lessons will be your required assignments for the week of March 23 – 27.

International Business – Case Study

I miss you guys. Take care of yourselves. As always, let me know if you need anything.

Business Communications

As one of the most important skills for employers, students will explore the value of communication in their personal and professional life. The digital presence and impact of written and visual communication in a technological society is paramount and will be addressed throughout the semester. I will provide a hard copy of the syllabus to you, but here is the link in case you lose your copy 🙂

Business Communications Syllabus Spring 2020

Topics Covered Include:

Employability Skills, Grammar and Mechanics for Written Communication, Verbal Communication, Listening Skills, Advanced Word and PowerPoint, Presentation Skills, Digital Technologies, Business in Government, Economics, International Business

Lesson Plans – Level III

Week of February 24 – 28

Monday: Objectives:  Communicating in a Global Society

Global Operations – Handout, Sharing information from your country, International Business Gallery Walk

Announce test on Friday… Covers: International Business Notes, Business Plans Parts, Communicating Globally – High Context and Low Context (vocab words added to notes)

Let’s hang up our Food Trucks today

Tuesday: Objectives: Communicating in a Global Society

Sharing information from your country, Case Study – Inductive Reasoning and Drawing Conclusions

PowerPoint – Modules 3 and 4 due today (Skill Review 1 Training and Skill Review 2 Training)

Wednesday:  Objectives: Speaking Informally

Chapter 11 in book – tagged in folder – Read and answer some review questions from pp. 263 (put it on a handout or whiteboard). Also… Apply your knowledge #1 and #2 on p. 263 – tagged

Effective speaking, accents, The effect of breath on voice and speech

Vocal production, volume, clarity and variety


Sub Today – Students will be with me on field trip

For those students left, PowerPoint GMETRIX

Friday: Objectives:  Speaking to an Audience

Structuring your presentations, Students get a copy of a famous speech – They will say out loud.

Preview: Presentation Planning and Persuasive Speeches

Also, begin grammar lessons – word list

Lesson Plans – Level III

Week of February 10 – 14

Monday – Objectives:  International Business

High Context vs. Low Context Cultures

Culture Guide for the International Traveler – Finish today

Finish PowerPoint and Notes – So that students can add some trade/economic/imports and exports information about their country onto the back middle panel.

Students will print their brochures today, fold and turn in.

Tuesday – Objectives: Communicating in a Global Society

Global Operations – Handout

Vocabulary List: Outsourcing, Regional Trade Alliance, High context culture, Low context culture,  – Maybe add these to the notes sheet from yesterday 

Wednesday – International Business

Finish Notes, Outsourcing and Regional Trade alliances Discussion

Share information on your brochures countries to include economic conditions

International Business Gallery Walk – if time permits

Thursday – Speaking Informally

Chapter 11 in book – tagged in folder – Read and answer some review questions from pp. 263 (put it on a handout or whiteboard). Also… Apply your knowledge #1 and #2 on p. 263 – tagged

Effective speaking, accents, The effect of breath on voice and speech

Vocal production, volume, clarity and variety

Begin movie – The Intern with Notes Page

Friday – Movie – The Intern

Lesson Plans 

Business Communications –  Level  III

Lesson plans for the week of:   January 6th – 10th  (Week 1) 

UNIT  1  –  Communication (Manners, Gestures, Body Language) – Formal/Informal Communication – Communication Process – Communicating in A Global Society – Using Technology to Communicate – Meetings – Conflict Resolution – Working in Teams

Monday – Objectives: Introduction

Introduction to Class, Catch up with everyone, Business Folders in Computer, Syllabus

Expectations given subject content, Notecards for vocabulary and Neatness

Review standards for this class – Copy of standards to students

Explanation of Soft Skills – PowerPoint 2019 Certification – Projects – Importance of Grammar

What are communication skills and why are they important? What are the benefits of having strong communication skills? What are some different ways we communicate? What are your communication strengths? Weaknesses? How can you improve? How can becoming a better communicator help you with your friends? With your school work?

Adapting Your Message

Only 7% of communication skills are words*******

Let’s Play Charades – Charades phrases and words




Mail Merge

Practice Letter

Practice List