Business II

MICROSOFT CERTIFICATION IS UNDERWAY – Modules  4,5,6 are due on Friday, October 26th! 

Unit 3: EXCEL, Budgeting for Life After High School, Consumer Awareness, CREDIT

Lesson 1 – Cell Basics

Unit 3 – Living Alone and Life After High School, Consumer Awareness and Bargain Shopping, CREDIT

Life After High School (Dave Ramsey) – Finding Scholarships – Applying for Grants – Excel Lessons – High Cost of Living – Budgeting for Life after High School – Income Taxes – Student Loan Myths – Vocabulary for Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 in Financial Literacy

Bargain Shopping – Vocabulary Flash cards are due – Basics of Negotiation – Financing Purchases – Discounts – Double Discounts – Test on Friday covers Unit 3 (delayed until next week) – Chapters 5,6,7 of Financials Book – Begin Management Functions

Computing Discounts and Double Discounts – Unit 3 Exam (Wednesday) – Functions of Management – Ethics in the Workplace

Unit 4 –  Ethics, Customer Service, Functions of Management, Human Resource Management

Excel testing (Summative Grade) on Monday for those that feel they are ready – Human Resources PowerPoint, Lecture and Notes – Handout (Who Will You Hire?) – Workplace Environment (Corporate culture) Handout – Questions on Workplace Environment (Formative Grade) – Employee Benefits with Worksheet – Business Plan Project starts on Thursday (THIS IS A SUMMATIVE PROJECT GRADE) – You will spend the remainder of the semester working on this project. Project will be broken into sections that are due DAILY.

Unit 5 – Business Plans


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