January 23 – January 27

Attitude Quotes – Memorize by Monday  – Be ready to present to class

Microsoft Certification – You should log in to GMETRIX and work on your modules with any “down time” you have in class. Module 1 is due by Friday, January 27

Spelling Words: Business, Entrepreneurship, Restaurant, References, Activities

Monday: Job Applications – Pair/Share, Find the mistakes in the application, Complete a job application, add notes to your graphic organizer, write down your requirements for three references that you MUST have by Wednesday.

Tuesday: Cover Letters – Attitude Quotes today, Prepare a cover letter for simulated job opening – formatting for personal business letters, if time, SMART ART lesson

Wednesday: Resume and Reference Sheets – Prepare a career resume and reference sheet. GMETRIX

Thursday: Diversity and Teamwork  – Diversity in the Workplace, Powerpoint and notes, teamwork quotes and activities, LOGO Mini Lesson


Friday: Restaurant Simulation –  We will meet with the graphics art students to create your LOGOS for your restaurant

January 16th – 20th

Hoya Block: You will choose your Hoya Block this week – Choose wisely! Remember that I have a Microsoft Certification Hoya Block that will give you extra time to work on your certifications!

Monday – Martin Luther King, Jr. HOLIDAY

Tuesday – Employability Skills and Attitudes in the Workplace – Rules of Classroom and Student Introductions, Graphic Organizer for Unit, Graphic Organizer for Employability Skills

Wednesday – Communication in the Workplace – Bellringer: My Skills Handout, Communication Activities, Telephone Skills PowerPoint and Worksheet, Attitude Quote

Telephone Techniques and Etiquette

Thursday – Professional Dress/Image in the Workplace AND Manners in the Workplace – Bellringer: My Skills Handout, Soft Skills, Movie: Rudy (clips), Group Work for Professional Dress

Friday – Diversity in the Workplace – Microsoft Word Lessons – Telephone Etiquette QUIZ, Diversity in the Workplace – PowerPoint and Guided Notes, GMETRIX for Word Specialists

Diversity in the Workplace

January 9 – 13

Business – Level I

Monday –  Teamwork and Employability Skills:  Please return your signed Syllabus if you have not already done so. Reminder that your restaurant information is due by Friday. You should know the name of your restaurant, the theme, color scheme, location and signature dish. Let’s play a team building game (Ping Pong Tower OR Notepad Activity). Handout – Advancing Attitudes and Self Awareness (formative). Keyboard practice.

Tuesday – Teamwork and Employability Skills: What kind of skills do employers want from you? What kind of skills would you like to have in your employees? Let’s create a graphic organizer for job skills and attributes. In groups of 3, we will identify some quality and value cards for specific careers (I can, I am, I believe in……..).  TOTD: My Skills: Matching your qualities to an employer attributes.

Wednesday –  Teamwork and Employability Skills: Bellringer Questions: Open a blank MS Word document and type the following questions and answers. When finished, save to your network drive, File Name: Employability Skills and then print to the LEX644 printer. Leave the document on the printer and I will retrieve it.

Bellringer Questions:

  1. What are employability skills? 2. What is the difference between a skill and an attribute?  3. Why are employability skills so important to my future? How do we develop employability skills while still in school? What skills and attributes do employers want?

Con’t from Wednesday…… 1st Block:

4th Block: Complete Hard and Soft Skills Handout and turn into the pink basket before you leave today. This is a formative grade. If you do not finish during class, it is homework and due at the beginning of class on Thursday.

Thursday: Communication Skills: How do we communicate with one another? What are the various ways people communicate in the business world? How are you developing your communication skills at school? Communication Chain Activity. Setting up our MOS and GMETRIX Accounts today. 

Friday: Restaurant Simulation: Let’s begin our restaurant simulation today. We will learn how to produce a business memo. You will complete a memo requesting approval from me to open a restaurant. Memo will be due by the end of class today.

January 5 – January 6

Welcome Back!

Guess what? You made a good choice! Do you realize that of the 1,869,814 bachelor’s degrees conferred in 2013 – 2014, the greatest numbers of degrees were conferred in the fields of business (358,079)  (per the National Center for Education Statistics). Business and Technology is a class that will benefit you in so many ways…… no matter your choice of college major or career field.  70% of high school students say they want to own their own business and 73% of new jobs in the next five years will require technology skills. 91% of hiring managers consider employee certification as a criterion for hiring! You are going to leave this class with Microsoft Certification! 

This blog will be used for both my 1st level and 2nd level Business students.

1st Level Students: Your information will be posted DIRECTLY onto this page.

2nd Level Students:  You will want to click in the main menu bar (upper right side of screen) on Business II to access information for your class

For all business students, you should check the BLOG at the beginning of the week. I try and post my plans for the week by Monday morning. I will use this blog to post PowerPoints from class notes and to remind you of upcoming projects and assessments.

December 5th – 9th

Microsoft Certification

Congratulations to all of the students who are now Microsoft Specialists! (Too many to name them all).

You have until Friday, December 16th to complete your certification exams

Monday: Marketing – Employability Skills Lesson (Professionalism) – School Based Enterprise Presentations – Discussion and Lecture on the Marketing Mix – Product, Place, Price and Promotion – Marketing Mix Assignment (formative grade) – GMETRIX

Tuesday: Marketing – Employability Skills Lesson (Professionalism) – School Based Enterprise Presentations – Finish our Cereal Box Surveys and Cereal Box Creations – GMETRIX

Wednesday: Marketing – Employability Skills Lesson (Professionalism) – School Based Enterprise Presentations – We all Scream for Ice Cream, Marketing Mix Website Comparison. GMETRIX

Thursday: Marketing – Employability Skills Lesson (Professionalism) – Marketing Research Paper for Cereal Project (If you do not finish during class, it will be homework)

Friday: Marketing – Reflection Paper and begin “Joy”

November 14th – 18th

Congratulations to the following students who scored a PERFECT 1000!!!!!!  
Microsoft PowerPoint Certification Exam:  Jack Plato and Emily Kachel
Microsoft Word Certification Exam:  Kyle Feemster

Reminder that cereal/cracker boxes are due by this Friday, November 18th for your Marketing Project

Monday: Restaurant Simulation – You will be creating a Floor Plan for your restaurant using Shapes in Microsoft Word. Short video and lesson on arranging and grouping shapes. Sketch out your floor plan and then begin creating. Your floorplan will be color coded with a legend at the bottom of the sheet.

Tuesday: Soft Skills Lesson: Critical Thinking: Handling Ethical Dilemmas – Entrepreneurial Self Assessment Survey – Entrepreneurship PowerPoint and Guided Notes – Finish your Restaurant Floor Plan – Introduction of Pair/Share Entrepreneur Project

Entrepreneurship PowerPoint

School Based Enterprise Project

Wednesday: GMETRIX for first 30 minutes of class – Entrepreneurs Who Shaped America – Entrepreneur Project

Thursday: GMETRIX and Entrepreneurship Project

Friday: GMETRIX due today  – Cereal/Cracker boxes are due today – Shark Tank!





November 7th – 11th

UNIT 3 Assessment this Friday, November 11th  covers the following: Business Ownership (graphic organizer), Business Vocabulary, Franchises, Management Levels and Management Styles, Organizational Charts, Business Opportunity/Franchise Opportunity VENN Diagram

Congratulations to the following students who are now Microsoft Certified!

Microsoft Specialists  – Word 2013

        Dane Alley                                Trent Bradford                           Will Capuano

   Cameron Barrios                          Jackson Flack                       Logan Hollomon

   McCade Curby                               Majid Kadur                          Hunter Raynold

Cameron Lester                             Jack Plato

      Nathan Heckman                          Braden Hoskovac

Christian Olson                              Kyle Bailey

GMETRIX MODULES 7, 8, and 9 are due on Friday, November 18th


Monday: Soft Skills Lesson Communication and Optical Illusions – Review of test study materials for Unit 3 Assessment on Friday, November 11th – Organizational Charts (one in SmartArt and one will be hand drawn on computer paper) – Turn both charts into the pink basket – Restaurant Simulation: Chamber of Commerce, Introduction Business Letter to the Chamber asking about membership.

Tuesday: Teacher Work Day – NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

Wednesday: Soft Skills Lesson Communication and Elevator Speeches – Finish your Chamber of Commerce Professional Business Letter and print to the color printer. Handout on Levels of Management (as review for unit assessment) – Paddle Board Review – Bring all your notes to class.

Thursday: Soft Skills Lesson Critical Thinking and Handling Dilemmas – Restaurant Simulation – We will lay out a floor plan of our restaurant using shapes in Microsoft Word.  STUDY FOR YOUR TEST TOMORROW!

Friday: Unit 3 Assessment and GMETRIX

October 31st – November 4th

Congratulations to the following students who are now Microsoft Certified!

Microsoft Word 2013 Specialists:

        Dane Alley                                     Trent Bradford

   Cameron Barrios                        Jackson Flack

   McCade Curby                              Majid Kadur

Cameron Lester                           Jack Plato

      Nathan Heckman                        Braden Hoskovac

Christian Olson

GMETRIX MODULES 7, 8 and 9 are due on Friday, November 11th.

Monday – Happy Halloween: The Pursuit of “Happy”ness – Movie

Tuesday – Business Ownership and Franchises: Listing of Franchises – Business Ownership and Operations (reading a chart) – Video (10 most expensive fast food franchises) – Assignment: Franchise OR Business Opportunity (Venn Diagram and Paragraph) – GMETRIX

Wednesday – Management Levels and Styles: Bellringer: Soft Skills Target: Communication: Accepting Awards – What does it mean to be a Manager? Duties and responsibilities of management – PowerPoint and Guided Notes – Careers (Job Positions and Duties relative to management)

Management Levels/Styles

Thursday – Organizational Charts: Soft Skills Target: Character: Word Examples and their Meanings – Organizational Charts and Activities – 4th Block will go to Fine Arts to view “Elephant’s Graveyard”

Friday – Management Styles and Functions: Soft Skills Target: Communication: Eliminate these Words from your LIFE – Restaurant Simulation – Block Style Business Letters – Chamber of Commerce – GMETRIX

October 24th – 28th

Congratulations to the following students who are now Microsoft Certified!

2013 Microsoft Word Specialists:

Dane Alley

Cameron Barrios

McCade Curby

Cameron Lester

Jack Plato

Nathan Heckman

Braden Hoskovac

Christian Olson

GMETRIX Modules 7, 8 and 9 are due on Friday, November 11th


Monday: Business Ownership – Bellringer: Soft Skills Lesson, Target: Character – Finish our Business Letterhead creation and Gallery Walk, Better Than Butter Popcorn Corporation Exercise (Stockholders, Board of Directors, Management), Global Operations Handout, GMETRIX

Tuesday: Business Ownership – Bellringer: Soft Skills Lesson, Target: Communication – Paddle Boards review for Ownership (you may use your Graphic Organizers), Groups of 4 – Sweet Opportunities Clients – Students will choose which form of business ownership is most appropriate and why – Group presentation to class

Wednesday: Restaurant Simulation – Bellringer: Soft Skills Lesson, Target: Character – Press Releases – Restaurant Packets: Restaurant Proposal Memo, Logo, Letterhead, Help Wanted Ad, Employee Memo, Press Release and Grand Opening Celebration Flyer

Thursday – Franchises – Bellringer: Soft Skills Lesson, Target: Communication – Franchise graphic organizer and notes – PowerPoint – Research fast growing franchises – Costs associated, GMETRIX

Friday: Franchises – Choosing a Franchise Handout – Students will choose two franchises for possible purchase and management – GMETRIX