Work Based Learning

****Clarification**** – You must leave school when you sign out after 3rd block. HOWEVER, if you have tutoring, you may return to school at 3:30 for tutoring. You may come back to the school, but it must be after 4th block. You cannot be on campus during 4th block. Please let me know if you do not understand this……………………..

Work Based Learning

Thursday, February 6th – Thanks everyone for attending our mandatory meeting on February 5th.  Your grades will be updated in StudentVue by the end of the weekend.  Moving forward, a couple of things to keep in mind:

Your grade reflects your effort in this classroom. You are not graded for completion in this class, you are graded on content. So, make sure your journal prompts are answered thoroughly. Be sure and follow directions for your monthly assignment and come to me with questions/help sessions.

I will be OUT this Friday, February 7th – If you have a PAY STUB, hold it until Monday – DO NOT give a pay stub to the substitute. Pay stubs are due no later than Monday, February 10th.

Healthcare WBL Students – There was some concern at the meeting yesterday about your daily journal prompts and submission of those prompts for grades. From this point forward, you will submit your journals to me by the 5th of each month for grading. So, March 5th, I will check your journals for February entries.

All other WBL Students: Journal Prompt #2  Journal #2  –  Due no later than March 5th – Answers should be content rich and checked for grammar and spelling issues  before submission. Your grade will reflect your effort on the journal prompts. Submit electronically by emailing me and attaching journal.

Cyber Mini Posters  Cyber Poster Instructions – Due on March 5th – I have the mini posters in my room for you. You may use my computers and printers for developing the poster. Due BEFORE the beginning of our next class meeting on March 5th.

Be sure you are getting 7.5 hours per week. Remember that I will begin site visits immediately following Winter Break. Also keep in mind that you are not required to get the 7.5 hours during Winter Break (YAY!)

As always, I am here if you have questions or concerns ABOUT ANYTHING……..


Monday, February 3rd – Remember that we have a mandatory meeting during 4th block this Wednesday, February 5th.

Your journal prompt #1 is due (excluding Freeman’s healthcare students) on February 5th before 4th block.

Your professional resume is due (everyone) and should be printed on my linen paper and turned in by 4t block on February 5th.

Your monthly time sheet is also due on February 5th and you should bring this documentation with you at our meeting on Wednesday.

***You will lose 20 points from your grade for each of the above items that are NOT turned in by February 5th***

By Thursday, I will have your Journal prompt #2 and your Assignment for February posted to this site. I will give you a good explanation of the assignments at our meeting.

Monday, January 27th – Make sure that you are logging your hours on the WBL Monthly Time Sheet which is due on February 5th. This time sheet must be signed by both you and your supervisor.

Remember that you are required to attend our WBL Monthly meeting on Wednesday, February 5th during 4th block. Go ahead and let your supervisors/mentors know about your WBL requirement for that day so they do not expect you at work/internship.

Thanks to those of you who have already submitted your Journal entry #1 – Remember that it is due no later than February 5th. This journal should be sent to me electronically at

Also, your resume is due on that date. Your resume should be printed on linen paper (you can do that in my classroom with my linen paper). I would like the resume turned in to me in hard copy format, not electronically.

Lastly, remember that YOU MUST call me or text me if you are not in school. Also remember that you are not allowed to go to your jobs/internships if you are not in attendance at school on a particular day. 

Monday, January 20th – Initial Training Plans were due on Friday. There is a 20 point deduction in your grade if it was not turned in by that date. Please get that paperwork to me as soon as possible.

Be sure that you are logging in your hours on the WBL Monthly Time Sheet so that you can turn it in by February 5th for the month of January.

I am going to put a bulletin board over the WBL desk that will have information about scholarships that are available to you. Take a moment to check them out.

I have ordered a copy machine and scanner for the WBL desk so that you can make copies of your pay stubs and time sheets for me when the time is appropriate. You can also use it for other things if you need to!



WBL Syllabus 2019-2020

Remind – Join Today!

WBL Monthly Monthly Time Sheet

First Week and Resume PowerPoint 

Initial Training Plan


Journal Entries:

Due February 5th – Journal #1 –   Please submit to me electronically via email and post Journal #1 in your subject line.


Monthly Assignments:

Due February 5th – Professional Resume  – Check the First Week and Resume PowerPoint for additional information on your resume. Also, see links below for tips/examples to help you with your resume.

Resume Tips

Resume Information

Sample Resume #1

Sample Resume #2