Week of 4-23 to 4-27 for 2018

Monday and Tuesday: We will wrap up our reading activity on Latin America’s government and economic systems.

Wednesday: Study Guide

Thursday: Latin American unit TEST

Friday: Culture Day!!!!!!!!! Bring food, drinks, or items that showcase Latin American countries!!!!

Week of 4-16 to 4-20 for 2018

This week due to test and not seeing all of our classes at the beginning of the week we will continue, for those that I did not see last week, our work on the DBQ test grade.


We will wrap up the week with a reading activity on the government of Latin America

Week of 3-26 to 3-30 for 2018

This week we will continue with our DBQ activities by analyzing 6 different documents, with the given analysis sheets, and writing a summary on the answer to the question of: Has NAFTA kept its promise to Mexican workers?


Week of 3-19 to 3-23 for 2018

Monday: Latin American History Test

Tuesday and Wednesday: DBQ hook activity

Thursday and Friday: DBQ back ground information activity


DBQs are document based questions. Students will be given a set of documents and asked to analyze, with the analysis sheet that is provided for them, how each document supports the question: Should the United States stay in NAFTA?

Week of 3-12 to 3-16 for 2018

Monday: Activity and notes on languages and religion in Latin America

Tuesday: Cuban Revolution notes

Wednesday: Cuba Unlocked video

Thursday: Article activity on Cuban and U.S. relations

Friday: Study guide


They will have a TEST on environmental issues, language and religion of Latin America on MONDAY 3-19!!

Week of 2-5 to 2-9 for 2018

This week we have started our wonderful Market Day project where students get a taste of what being an entrepreneur if all about!! We are also, in celebration of Black History month, watching a clip each day about an African American entrepreneur!!

Monday – Friday: Students will be working on various aspects of their Market Day projects. They have 4 assignments total to complete that will count as 4 separate quiz grades. All of which are being done in class except the making of the product they are going to sell.  They were given a chance to work with someone or alone and they had to come up with a product or service to sell on February 15th!

TEST TUESDAY FEBRUARY 13TH. It will be over all of the material we have talked about on Canada. They will be receiving half of their study guide in class on Thursday Feb. 8th with the correct answers to be gone over in class and the other half of the study guide on Friday February 9th also with the correct answers gone over in class so that they have the study guide to study from over the weekend.