Accelerated Geom/Algebra II May 15-19

Monday, May 15  – Solving Log and Exponential Equations  Notes from class: May 15 Notes

HW: Worksheet #1-18

Tuesday, May 16  – The Number “e”  HW:  p. 524, #13-23 and #27-36 all

Wednesday, May 17  – Solving Log and Exponential Equations/Applications  HW: Finish worksheet we started in class

Thursday, May 18 – Review Log and Exponential Functions   HW:  Finish review – I sent you the key on Remind

Friday, May 19 – Unit 7 Test:  Logarithmic and Exponential Functions – I will give out the final exam review after the test for those who are taking the final exam.  It will cover Units 4 -7 (Alg II only) and will be multiple choice!

AP Statistics May 15 – 19, 22-24

Monday, May 15 – Last extra credit opportunity due – assignment is below

Choose 3 of the following problems for possible 5 bonus points each. MAXIMUM is 15 bonus points.  EACH problem must be labeled and on its own sheet of paper.  If I can’t read it, NO credit will be given

p. 521, #80     p. 695, #24    p. 695, #26    p. 765, #30       p. 765, #32      p. 792, #52

Tuesday, May 16 – AP Stat Field Day!

Wednesday, May 17 – Last day of class for seniors.  Final exam tomorrow – problems will come from the multiple choice problems in the Barron’s book – 5 Practice Tests at the back of the book!

Thursday, May 18 – Final Exam for Seniors  (Sophomores and Juniors  will re-locate)

Friday, May 19 and Monday, May 22 – Review for final exam (10th and 11 graders)

Wednesday, May 24 – Final exam for Sophomores  and Juniors

Have a great summer!!!


AP Stat May 8-12

Monday, May 8 – AP FRQ Practice #3

Tuesday, May 9 – AP Mult Choice Practice #4

Wednesday, May 10 – AP FRQ Practice #4

Thursday, May 11 – AP STAT EXAM    12:00 in the Freshmen Academy Cafeteria

Friday, May 12 – Movie Day

FINAL EXAM – Work all multiple choice problems in the 5 practice tests in the back of your Barron’s book.  I will take problems directly from there!

AP Statistics May 1 – 5

AP Exams begin this week!  I know most of you are taking multiple exams and will miss class at least once before the AP Stat exam.  You must complete 3 full practice tests before Thursday, May 11.  Each day we will do either a multiple choice or FRQ section of a practice test.  These WILL count as a grade so you need to take them seriously!  If you are present 6 out of the 8 days you should be able to complete 3 full practice exams without having to make anything up.  If you miss more than two classes, you will have to come in before or after school and make up those assignments, so think about if it’s worth it to miss class.

Also, homework for the next week and a half is to work out of your BARRON’s book – specifically the five full length practice tests in the back of the book.  Your final exam questions will come from those!!

Accelerated Geometry/Algebra II May 1-5

This week will be in full review mode for the Geometry EOC.  Each day we will focus on a particular unit.  Most of the practice problems are out of review books so I don’t have electronic copies.  If you are absent, check with me the next day or send me an email and I can try to email you the pages.  They will be pictures of the pages and you will need to print them out.

You will also be doing USA Test Prep assignments for homework.

Monday, May 1 – Probability   HW:  USA Test Prep

Tuesday, May 2 – Right Triangle Trig – HW:  USA Test Prep

Wednesday, May 3 -Similarity, Congruence  HW:  USA Test Prep

Thursday, May 4 – Circles  HW:  USA Test Prep

Friday, May 5 – Constructions and Practice in Computer lab   HW:  Complete USA Test Prep

EOC – Monday, May 8 and Tuesday, May 9 in Room 516

AP Stat Exam Tips

Please read through these tips…

AP Stat Exam Tips:

There are good tips on here for answering FRQs and some topic-specific things to watch out for!!  It’s worth the read!!    The only thing that is NOT correct on the tips page is there is NO penalty for getting multiple choice question wrong.  They used to do that, but don’t any more.  Answer ALL the multiple choice questions, even if you have to guess on a few!!!

AP Statistics April 24 – 28

Monday, April 24 – Ch. 10 and 11 Test HW:  Extra Credit Opportunity #3 – see yellow sheet for problems!!

Tuesday, April 25 – Inference on Regression (12.1) – Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests on Slope  HW:  Worksheet #1 and 2  just do the 95 % confidence intervals

Wednesday, April 26 – Inference on Regression (12.1)  Hypothesis Tests on Slope  HW:  Barron’s Topic 15 (8th ed) or Topic 13 (9th ed)

Thursday, April 27 – Inference on Regression (12.1) Helicopter Activity Poster and worksheet on Inference on Regression   HW:  Finish WS and turn in tomorrow!

Friday, April 28 – Practice all inference and Kahoot review   HW:  Barron’s – work through a practice test – there are 5 in the back of your book.  I have been taking test and quiz questions from there all semester!!

For the next two weeks we will do practice AP Exams – we will alternate between Multiple Choice and Free Response sections of the exam.  You will do a TOTAL of 3 practice exams.   If you miss class due to an AP exam, you are still responsible for 3 full practice exams.  They will count for a grade!

Acc Geometry Algebra II April 24 – 28

Monday, April 24 – Solving Radical Equations and Inequalities  HW:  p. 463-464, #28 – 54 even

Tuesday, April 25 – Review Unit 6B  Rational Exponents and Radicals  HW:  p. 470, #1-2, 4, 7-16 and 18-23;  p. 471, #1, 3, 5, 6;  p. 472, #2, 4, 17-19, 22, 24  and if you didn’t do well on last Friday’s quiz, go back and do p. 23, #1-51 odd

Wednesday, April 26 – Unit 6B Test – Rational Exponents and Radicals  HW:  USA Test Prep

Thursday, April 27 – EOC Review – Transformations   HW:  USA Test Prep

Friday, April 28 – Triangle Congruence and Similarity  HW:  USA Test Prep