AP Statistics May 18 – 22 (the last week!)

This is the last big push for the AP Stat Exam on Friday!  I hope you’ve been doing the Stats Medic review, even if you didn’t submit them for grades.  Also, I hope you will participate in one or two of the mock exams I’ll be doing this week.  Those who did the one today thought it was beneficial!

Monday, May 18 –  Stats Medic Videos 7.3 and 7.6   – Do Unit 7 FRQ (2015 #4) – self score

If you weren’t able to do the Mock Exam  yesterday, here it is with the answer key.  I would strongly suggest that you do this!  Stats Medic Mock Exam 2020  

Answer Key to Mock Exam: Stats Medic Mock Exam Answer Key 2020

Tuesday, May 19  – Watch the Stats Medic Videos in the Getting Ready for the AP Exam Section

ANOTHER Mock Exam at 4:00 today – different than the Sunday/Monday exam.  SENT Zoom link this morning!

Wednesday, May 20 – Mock Exam –  This is the one we did yesterday.  Mock Exam #2    Answer key: Mock Exam #2 Answer key  

Thursday, May 21 – Study and last minute practice!    https://youtu.be/FAbJXhFZ4cs

Another FRQ with LINEAR stuff just in case:  Old Faithful FRQ      Key: Old Faithful FRQ with solutions and data

Make sure you have all your resources printed out, calculator charged and paper with header already filled out!

FRIDAY, MAY 22 – AP STATISTICS EXAM at 2:00 p.m.   GOOD LUCK!  I am 100% CONFIDENT that you will do well!

Honors Algebra 2 May 17

To My Honors Algebra 2 Students:

I enjoyed being your Honors Algebra 2 teacher in person and through digital learning.  Although we didn’t have the time together that we should have, I’m very proud of you for sticking with it and doing your best under difficult circumstances.   Learning math online is NOT easy!   So I hope when we are back in the classroom, you will appreciate your next math teacher and your fellow classmates.  And hopefully I’ll get to be your teacher again in AP Statistics!  But until then…

I hope you have a great summer!   Take care and stay healthy!   Love,  Mrs. Jones

Some of the issues with AP Exams – PLEASE READ!!!!!

Hopefully none of you had problems completing your other tests last week. If so, be patient as this is a totally new process for everyone involved – be thankful College Board has worked a way to get you to take the test. Read over these notes – especially about how to upload your answers to the test. Preparation will relieve you from some of the possible problems you may encounter this Friday.

Make sure your kids log-in 30 minutes prior to the exam. There was a log jam of students and they didn’t get in right away.

If they have the e-mail e-ticket, that is your best way to log in. Yes, you can log in through AP classroom, but those logins were delayed a little.

NOTE: There is a long security paragraph that they have to type in. They have to type all of it word for word. They could not publish it during the practice ones b/c it is a security issue. I am just giving you heads up of what happened.

NOTE Part 2: Make sure they copy/paste their answers from a word document. From discussions, that is the BEST way to do it. Make sure they SUBMIT question 1 and then again SUBMIT question 2 (or whatever parts your individual exams may have). They will get a CONFIRMATION saying they have submitted correctly. I do not know 100% of the format of your individual exams, but I know a lot of us have similar approaches on format.

If you are going to take photos from your iPhone:

There is a lot of information out there now about the format of the pictures required for AP Testing.  Please take a look at the below information for iPhone users.  This summarizes steps that the students need to take to ensure the proper picture settings in a nice, easy way.


Where do students go to request a makeup exam? What information do they need?
Go to: cb.org/requestmakeup Students will need their original exam e-ticket for the exam they wish to makeup (that includes the unique makeup request key for that exam), AP ID, first and last name, email address, and the reason why they were unable to complete the exam. The makeup request key for the exam can also be found on the student’s MyAP homepage. The ENTIRE makeup request key must be copied exactly as shown. After completing all fields and clicking the submit button, a confirmation screen will appear and a confirmation email will be sent.

If a student had trouble attempting to request a makeup, they should try again – copying and pasting the exam-specific makeup key EXACTLY. Requests should be submitted within 48 hours of their original testing time.

How do students know that their makeup testing request was successfully submitted?
After submitting the submit button, a confirmation screen will appear. A confirmation email will also be sent. See below.

The student can’t recall if they saw the makeup test request confirmation screen or can’t find the confirmation email – what should they do?
If the student saw the confirmation screen or received a confirmation email, they should be confident that their request was successfully submitted. If there was an issue with submission of the makeup request, an error message would appear and neither confirmation (screen or email) would have been received. If they are having trouble locating the email, the student should search their email inbox or spam filter for an email sent by: ‘Advanced Placement Program’ with the subject line: ‘2020 AP Student Makeup Test Request Form Submitted’. If they can find no evidence of confirmation, it is possible that the student didn’t complete the process or click the submit button. In this case, the student should complete a ‘new’ makeup testing request form: cb.org/requestmakeup

The student was told that they did not ‘qualify’ to retest but believes they do – what should they do?
The first few questions of the form are designed to help students understand if they need to submit a makeup request. They are asked: Did you have technical difficulties? Did you have a significant interruption? If a student answers “no” to both, they are not considered eligible and will see a message like the one below telling them that they do not quality to retest.

If students feel that this was in error or that they might have incorrectly answered the initial questions and wish to start over, they should return to cb.org/requestmakeup and complete a ‘new’ makeup testing request form.

What is next for a student after completing the makeup testing request form?

Students will receive an email confirming their request has been received. Later, an email approving or declining the request will be sent the week of May 25. Students will receive approval for any of the following types of issues, or similar ones: sickness; significant interruptions from family members; battery failures; power outages; technical disruptions. Running out of time to submit a response on exam day is not a valid reason to request makeup testing. If approved, the E-ticket will be emailed two days prior to the makeup exam.

Does completing a makeup testing request form mean any responses submitted in the May exam will not be scored?

The makeup request form requires student to accept ““If the makeup request is approved, the original exam will not be scored.” If the makeup request is approved, any responses received for the May exam will not be scored.

In general, I’d recommend the following steps to get ready for the makeup
1) Don’t use the same device for Makeup.
2) Simplify the process as much as possible. Stop using multiple devices, etc.
3) Encourage using the demo.
4) https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/students/taking-ap-exams/troubleshooting

For those of you taking AP Exams….please READ……..

Here are some of the issues they’ve had during the first few days of AP testing.  Please read so this doesn’t happen to you!

  • 🔎 Read the question VERY CLOSELY. Lots of students are missing points because they misread.
  • Don’t wait until the final seconds to upload. Start uploading before the 5 minute window just to be safe.
  • ⌨️ We recommend typing your response. It takes 10 seconds to copy/paste and is safer than uploads
  • ✍️ If you hand write, upload the right format. iPhone images default to HEIC which will not work. Convert images to PNG or JPG
    • You can change this setting in your phone so it takes JPG. Settings > Camera > Format > “Most Compatible”
  • 🌐 Use ethernet instead of WIFI if you can. It seems like all of the uploading issues we are seeing had been on 4G or WIFI.

Honors Algebra 2 May 11- 15 (Digital Learning Week 8)

This week we will be wrapping up the semester in Honors Algebra 2.  I have enjoyed being your teacher in-person and digitally!  I hope to see you all when we are back on campus!

Good luck on AP Exams! 

Monday, May 11 – Check answers to WS #3  WS #3 Piecewise Functions KEY   (The numbering of the problems are off but the problems are correct.  #8 on the key is your #1!)

Last lesson for the semester!!  Step Functions – Video Lesson:  https://youtu.be/T-iObkqB0ss

Assignment:  WS #4  WS #4 Step Functions Only Spring 2020

Tuesday, May 12 – Check answers to WS #4  Key: WS #4 Step Functions Only KEY

Do the review for Unit 7:  WS #5 Test Review Spring 2020      Key:  HW #5 Answer Key Spring 2020

There is also an extra Delta Math assignment posted for this unit that you can do for EXTRA review.

Wednesday, May 13 –  Unit 7 Test  Unit 7 Test Spring 2020

You will need to print it out the test, work the problems ON THE TEST PAPER, take pictures or scan it and email it back to me by midnight tonight!  Make sure your name is written at the top of the test paper!

AP Statistics May 11 – 15 (Digital Learning Week 8) AP EXAM REVIEW

GOOD LUCK on all your AP Exams this week!

SENIORS – you need to complete everything this week by Thursday at noon for the last grade!

JUNIORS and SOPHOMORES – you have until the end of this week!

Don’t hesitate to contact me with ANY questions you have.  I’m happy to help you over Skype or Zoom!

Last week’s LONGER FRQ:  Napping study FRQ

Answer Key to the Napping Study FRQ: Napping Study FRQ KEY

May 11 – Stats Medic Unit 5 – Watch videos 5.1 & 5.2.  Do the FRQ 2010 #2, self score and upload to Teams

May 12 – Stats Medic Unit 5 – Watch video 5.3.   Do the Stats Medic Unit 5 FRQ, self score and upload to Teams

May 13 – Stats Medic Unit 6 – Watch videos 6.1 & 6.2.  Do the FRQ 2017 #2, self score and upload to Teams

May 14 – Do the Stats Medic Unit 6 FRQ, self score and upload to Teams.   SENIORS – you need to do tomorrow’s review as well by noon today in order to get the 100% for this week!

May 15 – Stats Medic Unit 7 – watch videos 7.1 & 7.2.  Do the FRQ 2015 #4, self score and upload to Teams

ONE WEEK UNTIL THE EXAM.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK WITH REVIEW!  I will offer a live practice AP Stat practice exam next week Monday through Thursday at 2:00 over Zoom.  If you can’t do it live, then I can send you the file and you can take it on your own.  We will go over the answers immediately after the practice exam so you get feedback, so plan on an hour.

Honors Algebra 2 May 4 – 8 (Digital Learning Week 7)

Grades for the Unit 5 Test have been posted in Synergy!  Regardless of your grade, I’m so proud of those who have continued working and learning!  We will now finish our last unit of the semester.  You will have one more quiz grade and one more test grade.  Finish strong!

Monday, May 4 – Solving Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities

Video Lessons:  Solving Abs Value Equations  https://youtu.be/46hBnTJY_KA

Solving Abs Value Inequalities: https://youtu.be/OL3Hna9TMl4

Assignment: WS #1 Absolute value and inequalities Spring 2020

Tuesday, May 5 – Check answers to WS #1 here:  WS #1 Abs Value Eq and Ineq KEY

Graphing Absolute Value Functions   Notes: Graphing Absolute Value Notes

Video Lessons:  (these go with the notes sheet above)

Assignment: WS #2 Graph Absolute value- Spring 2020

Wednesday, May 6 – Check answers to WS #2  WS #2 Graphing Abs Value Functions

Delta Math QUIZ on Solving Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities (no graphing!) – it’s open until 11:30 p.m. tonight

Thursday, May 7  – Graphing Piecewise Functions –

Video Lesson:  https://youtu.be/dcs32AxaAlA

Assignment:  WS #3 Piecewise Functions Spring 2020

Friday, May 8 – Happy Friday!

AP Statistics May 4 – 8 EXAM REVIEW (Digital Learning Week 7)

Make sure this week that you do the DEMO AP Exam Practice.  This will help for ALL of your AP Exams!

Watch this video to check last week’s longer FRQ from Friday and some tips from me:  https://youtu.be/EZs9z8DhBgs

Monday, May 4 – Unit 3 – Watch videos for 3.1 and 3.2 – Do AP FRQ 2016 #3, self score and upload to Teams

Also, the AP Statistics You Tube channel is doing live Practice Exam Questions at 2:00 each day this week!  Here’s the link for today’s practice exam:  https://youtu.be/c7dtb54WLy0

Tuesday, May 5 – Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Eat some Mexican food and do Stats Medic Unit 3 FRQ, self score and upload to Teams

Review of yesterday’s You Tube Practice Exam #1:  https://youtu.be/WahkV0holnc

Wednesday, May 6 –  Unit 4 – Watch videos 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 – Do FRQ 2017 #3, self score and upload to Teams

You Tube Practice Exam #2:  https://youtu.be/7BavYq8MGrk

Thursday, May 7ZOOM Meeting at 2:00 pm https://youtu.be/c1N-WoXtj_U

Unit 4 – Watch videos 4.4 and 4.5 – Do Stats Medic Unit 4 FRQ, self score and upload to  Teams

Review of You Tube Practice Exam #2: https://youtu.be/SSasY8shMnk

Friday, May 8 – Do the NEW AP EXAM FRQ –  Napping study FRQ

Complete and upload to Teams.  I will post the solutions on Monday.

Still two more weeks until the AP Exam.  Plenty of time to review!

Final AP Stat College Board You Tube Lesson:  Exam Tips and Good Luck!!  https://youtu.be/FAbJXhFZ4cs


Honors Algebra 2 April 27 – May 1 (Digital Learning Week 6)

This week we will finish Unit 5 – Logs and Exponential Functions

Monday, April 27 – Application Problems – Lesson Video:https://youtu.be/NPrLDUFKUKs

HW:  5.7-WS-7-Applications and Inequalities   Do #1-8 (word problems on page 1)

Tuesday, April 28 – Check answers to Application problems  WS #7 Applications KEY

Log and Exponential Inequalities – Lesson Video:https://youtu.be/0qHOzOTi2D8

HW:  Same WS #7 as Monday, but do the Inequalities (pages 2 and 3) problems #1-33 odd

Wednesday, April 29 – Check answers to WS #7 pages 2 and 3  WS #7 Inequalities (pages 2 and 3) KEY

Review Unit 5 – Unit 5 Review    (don’t print this out!  It’s 12 pages – 2 questions per page)  Just work the problems on your own paper.  This would have been our in class review game for the test!

Answer key: unit5key    I’m available for questions from 1-3 pm

Also, Mrs. Haggard (password: grinch) and Mrs. Bonanni made videos if you want to WATCH the problems worked out.  Go to their blogs to see those videos.

Thursday, April 30Unit 5 TEST –  Microsoft Forms:   Unit 5 Test

Answer all test questions in Microsoft Forms through the link above and then SUBMIT your written work for all questions to me by taking clear, readable pictures of your paper and emailing it to me at amy.jones@cobbk12.org.  NO WRITTEN WORK, NO CREDIT!  I will only look at your answers in Forms if you have submitted written work on paper to me through email.

Unit 5 Test will be open on Microsoft Forms from 8 am Thursday morning to 6 pm Friday evening.  You must take it during that window of time.  The test will not be available after 6 pm on Friday.  We are moving on to the LAST last unit next week!