AP Statistics SLO Information

AP Statistics Students,

We were just informed today that the SLO test will only count if it helps the student’s grade.   Therefore, it will only count 10% of your grade if you score above your average.   What I am also going to do it take 10% of your improvement from pre-test to post-test and convert that to bonus points that will be added to EITHER the final exam (if you are not exempting it), or to your lowest test grade (if you are exempting the final).  We will discuss the details tomorrow in class.

Answer key to probability and experimental design packets:  prob and exp design answers

Accelerated Geometry/Algebra II Dec 7 – 11

Monday, Dec 7 – The Number “e”  HW:  p. 524, #13-23 odd and #27-36 all

Tuesday, Dec 8 – Solving Log and Exponential Equations  HW:  WS

Wednesday, Dec 9 – Log Applications  HW:  WS

Thursday, Dec 10 – Review Log and Exp Functions   HW:  pp.530-532, #1-13 and 16-32 all

Exam Exemption forms due on Thursday!!

Friday, Dec 11 – Unit Test:  Logarithmic and Exponential Functions